11 Jun 2012

Nithya Naraka

Whoever came with this title is a genius. But small problem though, according to them Nithya Naraka was what Nithyananda was giving to his disciples daily. But according to me it is Nithya naraka for the viewers of various news channels, day in day out discussing where that loafer is, in which underground he is hiding, some video of him dancing, with whom he slept & he asked whom to suck.. I mean cut the crap already.

a) Who asked those morons to go to his ashram? Govt? Police? We? They went there by themselves.

b) Agreed that they did not know what kind of crap they will be put into, but, yes important point, but, when they realized there is an issue or there is something not right about that place the didn't they have brains to come out.

c) Let’s imagine escaping was difficult, I have heard that when there is a death like situation, even the dumbest of dumb brains works, I am sure theirs too would have. They could have used an idea to escape from there

d) Once they were out, they had two choices, either shut-up (which most of them did) or else say the truth (which they are doing now after they were harassed years back)

I don’t understand the point in visiting such ashram at the first place, don’t they have faith in the lord that they fail to visit temples & visit people who claim that they are god? For few days everyone keeps telling he is an asshole & after a month or so, behold he is back in business. We see so many B grade actresses going to him (Malavika, Tara) & preaching the same in their “Baduku Jataka Bandi” type serials.

If there are people who believe in such sexually transmitted religious institutions ok fine. If you do not like it get out already. There are so many children hitting & kicking their parents of course they did not claim that they are Shiva, but yes there are such people, what can we do? It is their fucking karma.

I’d say media houses educate people, to know about a religious institution before they venture into one. Only when you know what they do will you know if those practices will help you get out of whatever crap you are going through. Else what is the point in venturing into such institutions? Even while buying a shirt you check the size by trail but when you are taking such an important decision of your life in following a “person”, not god but “human being” you got to get your facts about that person “personally”.

& for all people who are crying in TV, I pity you but agree that there is a weakness within you else who the hell does all that? Leaving job, getting an abortion, giving whole property to him ughhh horrible; Plain horrible.

He looks like a drug addict, I wonder how people even felt like meeting him forget following. Request all the women folk, kindly do not venture out into such places just because you have a bad family life, it is upto you, solve them, no one else can solve them for you.


Giri said...

Absolutly Brilliant writing

spartacuschimera said...

All media frenzy. And who feed this frenzy? We the viewers :( But you are spot on. Beautiful article :)

Kaavya said...

Thanks :)

Srinivas Bhaskar said...

You were spot on! Liked it!

Shrithi said...

very nicely written....