7 Aug 2012

Halt & Proceed


Travel dependency was one common topic; I & Pati always had a fight on. I am brought up with loads of pampering; so much that my father did not let me learn cycle thinking I’d fall & hurt myself. Having served in city traffic all his life, dad has encountered weirdest of situations in road accidents that he is too scared to let his child venture out into the big bad world. Riding a two wheeler was obviously out of question, come 2nd PU, the mother of educational torture, I had a chauffer driven car to commute to tuitions & college.


When I was in engineering, a decision was made that I shall at least learn to drive. I confronted mom, who was initially scared to let me learn without dad’s permission, but somehow said yes. I joined the classes along with T and M. I still remember when the driver asked me to drive to K.R.Circle and I saw dad’s jeep approaching from the opposite side, I almost let go steering wheel and hid myself down. Luckily I was not spotted and the course was successfully completed and even more successfully forgotten.


Post few years and most importantly post marriage Pati was in for a shock *Dharti Maa split into two* I did not know how to ride nor drive. The dependency was huge. He had to take me everywhere, from office to shopping to parties to functions to ok you get the point. Initially he enjoyed the togetherness, but then reality struck & he confronted me, “You need to learn driving, again”. I took up the classes and the driver who taught kept insisting Pati that I am good with basics, only need exposure in busy traffic. Driving was successfully completed again and this time DL was obtained. I had high hopes of being independent but alas destiny had different plans. Pati refused to give me his car, even if he did he constantly cribbed how hard I was with gearbox, the new car is not a toy fundas. He would shout at me and that in turn would freak me out, & once I almost banged a cycle fellow. Then I quit.


Fast forward to July 25th 2012, Pati was constantly in torture to wake up early so that I was dropped to gym, wait outside gym trying to sleep with altered seat. After losing his precious sleep and being targeted by the mosquitoes he decided “Let’s buy a second hand car”. I had to let go my S.Korea vacations for this decision. After constant searching and getting bad offers we went for a brand new Alto LXI. That’s right my new car, it’s been a week and driving it has been best experience of my lifetime. Others wouldn’t agree though.


Before I sign off, if you see a White Alto with number ending with 31 mostly in Mysore, give way & do not overtake & also don’t honk. Do all this & I promise you all are safe.


ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

Very well written with good touch of humour.. Especially the last paragraph was ultimate..