25 Sep 2012

60mins of my life.

Phase I -- Unlock. Open door. Sit err slide. Keep purse. Take salwar off the door edge. Close door. Bring window pane down. Adjust mirror. Put key. Leave slipper. Throw dupatta. Put phone to charge. Wear goggles. Start car. (10 mins)

Phase II -- Drive & park (10 mins)

Undo Phase I - (10 mins)

23 Sep 2012

Slurp Slurp.

If Pati wants coffee then its almost no sugar. If mom wants coffee then its light. I just adjust to their way of coffee. I hate drinking coffee alone. But today I realised, I've forgotten what is my kinda coffee. Strong. 1 spoon sugar. Really hot. Loads of foam. Filter coffee. My kinda coffee.

The joy of preparing coffee, only for myself, the way I want to -- Precious. Priceless.