20 Nov 2012

In Their Bedroom - 2012

[[At 10pm]]


He: Hey baby, *trying to wake her up* you slept?

She: Duh, of course I am sleepy, when did you come home?

He: Long time back, you had whatever amount of food you were supposed to?

She: *nods*

He: You took your medicines?

She: *nods*

He: You parked car safe?

She: *nods*

He: You went for a walk evening?

She: *nods*

He: You set alarm at 6am tomorrow?

She: *nods*

He: You...*she closes his mouth*

She: Only thing remaining now, has to be done with you, so please sleep.


[[Lights Off]]


*what are you guys waiting for? Baby?? Is this Ravimama movie climax, go back to your work I say*