4 Dec 2012

Kavalu Daari

We often question the denials and the struggles. Like why should I study this chapter? Or why am I supposed to attend that wedding? Why did he have to leave? Why is my work so boring? Should I marry this soon?


Yesterday someone asked me “isn’t this the toughest you have ever been subjected to?”, I had no answer initially. But actually at different phases, various questions, each one complicated at that particular phase, & once you move ahead to another phase previous question looks damn simple.


When celebrations are on, retrospect never occurs. One is often lost in the crowd, because celebrations always occur in crowds. No one even has time for questions except “where is the party?”


I am not a believer of “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. You ought to push the tough else it sure doesn’t bulge. When one is struck with rough times that are directly proportional to people, its all chaos, that sense of helplessness. What do you do at these times? For some life throws lemons and for some crossroads, for me it’s always a road less traveled with someone who wants me to carry on, on my own that is.


Anonymous said...

Hope. It's very common suggestion.

But to hope is equivalent to giving up and it's the biggest deception of all.