25 Dec 2013

Letter Two.

Dear Jeshtputr Shelly,

You are keeping up with big bro status very well. For a week when Missy was sick, you threw no tantrums and let amma and appa with her all the time.

You also made sure you drank right with naani and made no fuss. So that amma worried less and focused on sister dearest.

We all thought you'd cry like crazy after the vaccination. Bingo. You showed us how brave you are. Again let amma console 'in too much pain sister'.

Thank you. For being the bravest, when stupid amma mistook Oral thrush anti-fungal mouth paint to eye drops. Trust me, those 45secs were the longest and scariest seconds of my life.

Muah on your chubby cheeks,

Dear apple-of-my-eyes Missy,

Phew. Whattay month. No reason vomiting. Converted into no infection but diarrhea. First dose of antibiotics and probiotics. Stopping formula feed. On soya milk. Abdominal scan. Stool tests. Urine tests. Results normal and reason not known.

You did not show a single sign of irritation. While amma changed diapers every 5 mins, appa bottle fed with a hope that next few hours you'll be ok.

Amma, appa and Bratashri love you loads. Keep flashing that lovely smile of yours at life, just like you did during the abdominal scan at the radiologist.

Muah on your lovely eyes,

26 Nov 2013

Letter one.

Dear Shelly & Missy,

Its been a month already; here is what you need to know. About people, the very basics of life.

1. Everyone who came visiting you two, are NOT genuine good people. Believe all; but trust few.

2. Hear everything people offer you - advices and suggestions. Listen only if you feel it makes sense.

3. Adjustment. Compromise. Are two sides of the same coin. They are valuable. But if its at the stake of your happiness, its ok to lose the coin.

These people need no introductions; Nani & Nanu, Ajji & thatha, Chikki, Dodappa & Dodamma, both your akkas & your muthatha. Always respect them.

There is one more special person im introducing you, she is mom's good luck charm. Who with her smile brightens gloomy mood. Sia.

I cant feed you guys cake, so the same has been gobbled. In few hours the milk is gonna be sweet. (Appa's logic)

Amma & Appa

22 Nov 2013

The Arrival.

While me and Pati were calculating number of days ahead for the Arrival of the baby bonds, they had different plans.

After a mock drill of false pain, admitting to hospital, & getting discharged we knew we were close. But never knew it was that close.

Week 33, day 5.

Lets not wait anymore, said the current doctor. Her good 6th sense said waiting could complicate.

Previous doctor disagreed. One more week is a must as I was free of Sugar BP edema etc everything a twin expectant should have.

Amidst discussions, arguments finally the muhurtha was fixed.

Oct 24th. Week 34.

By 5pm I was at the hospital. With all the baggage. We were phyically prepared. Mentally, err I can say no signs of 'stress'.
The room number was a delight. Palindrome. My OCD.

Blood tests were done. Canula was placed. Enema given. Meeting with anasthesist done. Still no sign of stress. However with Pati, it was a different case.

We were being prepared for three things

1. Babies could be placed in NICU as they were 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Which would mean till they'd stabilize we had to pray.

2. If not in NICU the babies would be too fragile and should be taken utmost care for next 4 weeks. Chances of they getting sick due to temp changes from womb was very common

3. They would not know latching. So feeding would be very tough.

That night, as I held Pati close, I told him not to worry. "This is our last night as couple, tomorrow we will be a family. Big family"

Not sure if that made any difference. soon it was dawn.

Oct 25th. D day.

"All set?", asked the doc. I had no answer.

12pm. Catheter was placed. Test doses injected. OT was booked for 12:15pm. But I was still in the ward.

There were too many people in the room each kept assuring all would be fine. I was getting suffocated with the OT dress. I politely asked everyone to leave. I needed some me time.

Next 15 minutes I tried keeping my mind blank. But every small event from the past 2yrs kept hitting me. I wanted to thank dr.Sowmya that moment, she was more of a friend than a doctor.

Stretcher arrived at 12:50pm. I was asked to roll from current bed to stretcher. I laughed loud.

"Delivery is in OT not here", then they got the roller. Roller is an amazing device. Tilt current bed, push me to roller, tild stretcher opposite way, push me out of roller. I was giggling and the nurse thought I've lost it.

Being dragged from ward to OT was slightly bhayanak then turned fun. I felt like a lizard, moving on the ceiling. I could see name boards in weird places. Few cracks and holes. Also stretcher was small. I had to hold the side bars tight.

Stretcher was in the lift. Lift had me and the boy. He was sweating; pushing a plus size lady who was pregnant with twins, not an easy job paapa.


I was there. Finally.

"Dont take tension", pati told me at the door. He looked freaked out like crazy. I smiled.

I was pulled inside and left outside OT entrance. This was when it hit me. It was time. This was also when "gender" thing striked me. It could be

Ramesh Suresh.
Phoebe Ursula.
Sheldon Missy.

I'd never thought of it. Before what if questions hit me, I was rolled to OT bed. They made me sit, and asked to bend. Before I knew, I felt a fluid run through my spine and then everything went numb.

The feeling was heavenly. Like drugged. No pain down. Too much pain above.

Dr.Sonia asked if I was ok. I nodded. They smeared cold liquid all over my tummy. With the scissors a drape covered my face and the rest of the body.

In few secs, I felt my tummy deflate and by the time I realize I heard baby cry. Then it was 5 words.

First baby. Male. True knot.

That's when I prayed, let it be a girl please. My first prayer about the gender. It was instant. Another side of my tummy deflated. It was a soft cry.

Second baby. Female.

No, I did not cry. There, im sure everyone is in a state where emotions freeze. Time flies so fast.

Few mins to birth everyone left. Only anathesist stayed. That guy spoke about club memberships. I was like :-/

Nurse got the babies to me. They were so freaking tiny. Like a . Dot
I kissed them on their cheeks. I felt I was kissing a soft cotton ball.

Again I had no clue what happened. Whether they were put in NICU or not. In the recovery, I kept asking the question. None knew.

One lady next to me kept shouting pain pain, post C sec. They got her baby to feed. She dint want to feed coz pain. I didn't know what pain meant that moment. I wanted to feed but no babies. Almost in tears, I saw mom.

Babies are awesome. No need of NICU. Boy is under observation due to true knot. That happens one in 2000 pregnancies.

In few hours I was in the ward. So were the babies. They slept. I waited. Everyone rejoiced.

Till the day ended -- they slept. I waited. Everyone rejoiced.

Its 4 weeks now. Shelly and Missy arrived in style. Are now kicking our sleep out.

No NICU. No latching problems. Herez to the brave baby bonds :)

Amma & Appa are proud of you. Already! !!

Letter Four

Dearest Shelly and missy, 

By next letter you would have a name. Application name I promise, is as short as possible and will not irk you guys for any documentation purposes. But then you know (will know soon) how sick people at the government offices are. 

They just don't get the concept of twins and even if they do they do not realise twins can be a boy and a girl, not always boy boy or girl girl combo. So be very careful while dealing with any documentation work that involves both of you *at the same time*. Revise your applications and re-revise what comes in as result of the application from any organisation.

But no matter what you guys will always be Missy and Shelly to amma. 

Watching you two hold hands and smile, I don't know if its just "motherly aww" moments but its so cute. 

It breaks my heart to separate you two; first to different rooms and soon to different homes. But, trust me its good for all of us .

P.S: request you, missy to quickly *learn* to pose ;)

Shelly, you are the dude already :-*



8 Sept 2013


Finally!!!! Lucia is out in the theatres. Any pioneer effort is often criticized more, than motivation. There have been questions on transparency about “crowd funding being utilized” and there was also an article from a known newspaper on how Pawan is out in the streets to get the movie released. To everyone who raised fingers, the answer is here.

Lucia is Sandalwood’s dream reality!

How? Why?
  • ·         Promos always contain the best part of movie, to pull crowd, but in Lucia, the trailer has nothing compared to the feast offered in the movie. No-one is offering you Mylari Dose and giving you Neer Dose (yes, this is intended comparison)
  • ·         Movie keeps you thinking and by the time you conclude logic, it gives you more to think on. All with brilliant continuity.
  • ·         Is that Satish Neenasam? 90% of the crowd in the multiplex had this question. In every frame, sheer wow factor. Be it driving a Range Rover to managing a scissor door to kithogiro cycle, he has provided honesty to “what the scene demands”, emerging as an amazing debutant in the industry for the lead roles.
  • ·         Nam Mysore huDga, oops huDugaru have given some all amazing songs, where you remember the tune and for god’s sake cannot sing along without the lyric. As Pawan said, transformation of “Orchestra Naveen” hailing from beLLekere to a playback singer displays the commitment displayed from the entire crew. Does anyone feel Poorna looks like younger bro of Mata Guruprasad?
  • ·         I cannot describe camera work of Sidharth in words, take a bow sir. Also please do let out the secret of “make heroine look slim” camera, instead of the Slimming powders, many could use it J
  • ·         Parallel editing and writing script where you got to portray “actual color shots” and the “not-so-actual non-color shots” with a smooth flow takes guts. To write and to have faith in what is written, I now know the frustration behind blog post of Pawan back in 2012 on finding no investors for the concept.  
With so much love from the audiences and social media, I want to ask Pawan and the team, why care about the cold, idiotic treatment meted out by the insiders in the industry along with the media. This one turned out to my basri bayake and my last movie of 2013, before the babies are out. I had to actually seek permission from the doctor, and there are people like me, who loved the movie to the core.

I see no sense in seeking their support, as LUCIA is movie made by the audience, of the audience, for the audience, keep calm and move on.

29 Aug 2013

Bumpy Stare

In India as much as people have overrated asking “any good news?” question, have also overrated viewing the baby bump. Or should I say “staring”
The other day in the mall, while Pati held my hand and walked, one lady who was gobbling McD Maharaja looked at us. Then her eyes went straight to my belly. & then 10secs passed, she still had her eyes wide planted on me. Finally it was a stare, and to end it, a cold one from me. I still don’t get it; why make the watching deliberate? This doesn’t happen only at public places but at the hospitals too. Hospital where one can find big bellied women waiting anxiously for their turn to see the doctor, the onlookers don’t spare here as well.
Men never (ok 90% of them) look at you. Even if you are wearing a deep neck or the tight dress is showcasing body in weird ways possible. Pregnancy seems to be a turn off to the men.
Basically how men orgasm on staring boobs, women orgasm by staring baby bump. Yes, you can look, and then make eye contact with lady trying hard to walk; lastly give a smile. Smiling at strangers is not creepy, staring continuously with wide eyes is. 
You might tell me, “why venture out?” it’s the hormones people.  That gives you weird bayakes and asks you to demand things that are out of reach; that I have no control on. With twins, it’s double and yes you can send all you sympathies to the husband.
Lastly, Yes, I love to flaunt my belly; it’s a high. But that’s only about me, a woman. As motherhood kicks in, I also want my kandammas to be safe, and that is why I do not like the stares.

15 Aug 2013

Bonds arriving Soon.

Sammy here is running a contest. On writing letters. We've come long way from horrifying telegrams, contest postcards, funny leave-letters and mushy love letters; Oh how can I forget writing letters to self. They say writing is the only place there is no interruption so the contest required a 140 characters extract from a letter.

Contest has been entered, and the whole letter goes below. This also is an official announcement on the blog, first time.

Little Bonds,

Never knew two lines on the pregnancy test meant I am having two of you. Mommy loves shocks more than surprises, Pa is yet to understand that in 4 years and you guys already know?

Forced bed rest now to no sleep later, people around scare me. God granted my wish in plural because he knows mommy is an over achiever.  Apart from normal sundry mommy stuff, I will never let anyone of you compromise on things in the name of gender, traditions, culture or customs and most importantly because you are twins.

Apologies for the space crunch, suck your thumb well, kick more, and sleep peacefully because these are banned in this part of the world. Remember “sharing is caring”; take good care of each other till you reach mommy’s hands.

To-Be-Soon Mommy Bond 

23 Jul 2013

What bothers a Housewife?

Working from home has made me realize my mom, after my marriage. She isn’t the old mother. With menopause hitting her too many things bother her, unnecessarily. But on a survey that I conducted on all housewives, I have listed few top ones.

1.       Maid

Thanks to Sidhu, two of the maids quit the jobs. According to them, they will take the free 30kg rice from the government and sell it for 15/- kg to others.  They make 450/- bucks which is what they earn per house, working hard. So instead of working at two houses, they quit one job and take rest. So it’s either maid quitting or not arriving to work is what concerns the housewives.

2.       Rains

While everyone is watching how fast KRS gets filled up and having a countdown, rains are mood spoilers for this sector. Clothes aren't drying up, they aren't crispy in such weather are the complaints; considering that they no one has just two pairs of clothes to wear these days but plenty.

3.       Food
What to cook for breakfast? Is the only question that’s running on their mind? & trust me they do not want answers because ultimately they are going to prepare what they want to. I once tried giving mother 8 options and she has reasons why she cannot make those. Finally we had to eat Upittu without Kesaribath.

4.       Mobile

They travel around the house so much that they have no clue where the cell phone is.  As per Murphy it has to ring when it’s out of sight and we are asked to doondhofy it. The funniest place it ever was in the locker; so safe that we were on the verge of buying a new one assuming it was lost. The only calls I make these days is to find it.

I am sure there are much more depending on who the family member is. Also what bothers a wife are different from what bothers a mom and which is totally different from what bothers a housewife. They are NOT SAME.

16 Jul 2013

Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino

About the Book

When a man is discovered dead by poisoning in his empty home his beautiful wife, Ayane, immediately falls under suspicion. All clues point to Ayane being the logical suspect, but how could she have committed the crime when she was hundreds of miles away? As Tokyo police detective Kusanagi tries to unpick a seemingly unrelated sequence of events he finds himself falling for Ayane. When his judgement becomes dangerously clouded his assistant must call on an old friend for help; it will take a genius to unravel the most spectacular web of deceit they have ever faced... SALVATION OF A SAINT is a magnificently complex and page-turning thriller starring international crime fiction's most enigmatic sleuth. This is essential reading for all fans of exceptional crime fiction.

My view

Yoshitaka, the man of the house is murdered on a weekend. Married to Ayane, who is in her parents house during the time of murder is the first suspect. She has her best friend and intern, Utsumi take care of the house in her absence, by giving her the keys of the house.

With each of these ladies having a reason to kill the man, Yoshitaka, both fall under the doubtful eyes. How? More than who, it’s the “how” that holds the store named Salvation of a Saint penned by Keigo Higashino.

Enter detective Kusangi along with Professor Yukawa, takes this task of solving the mystery. Again not the mystery of who did it. But how the hell was it done. Story is told in third person, I was often told that crime thrillers are best told in first person’s point of view, this one however erases that myth off my mind. This way of story telling gives a lot of room for the writer to change the focus on the suspects.

Al though Yoshitaka is no more, while we flip pages we get to know a lot about the victim. He is the one who wants a family badly. Some of his natures are however very business minded. Wife Ayane is soft sober and strong willed through.

There aren’t many characters in the book, which is good. I cannot imagine remembering complicated names of too many people. Bunch of people, a dead man in focus and we are done with entire book.

 Keigo Higashino signature style of telling story is revealing who did it; at the second/third chapter of his book, unlike most of the crime plots where readers keep guessing the murderer. This however does not affect the story in any way till the end. As I said before, after who is revealed, how keeps us engrossed in the book!!!

Information in each chapter is perfect. Not too less and Not too much that it confuses commoners. But just right, perfect. One also gets to see “glimpses of Japan”, their society, their ways of living and how emotional they are (not) at times, which I love because it is almost similar to that of Korean people. Only lame thing being Kusangi developing feelings for victim’s wife sounded very, clichéd to me.

Pick it up for a calm, detailed investigation style of a crime thriller. If you haven’t read “Devotion of X”, you should take that too.   

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25 Jun 2013

Smart Phones Dumb People by Parthajeet Sarma

About the Book:

Parts of India and the world live in the 21st century whereas parts live in the 19th century. Whilst many of us live in times ruled by smart phones and the internet, millions go without easy access to basics like water and electricity.

We live in an opportune moment today. We have, available to us, the technological tools of the 21st century to address 19th century issues. In a fast changing world, will mankind be ruled by smart phones soon or will mankind use technology in life-changing innovations to make our societies far more equitable? Can technology be used to address the most crying needs in our societies today?

The big picture is built by stories about the modern fruits of technology and how these are being used by leadership groups to combine business with social causes. This is an easy read for anyone interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, social issues and the current challenges like excessive corruption that face us today.

My Review:

Gone are the days when “Mobile Phone” was a luxury. No one knows when luxury became a necessity, that too a basic one. We now live in an era of smart phones and social networking, so much that without each other life seems deficient. There have been days (twice in a year) when I left my phone at home, reached office and realized the emptiness. It was so huge that I traveled all the way back 15kms to make sure the phone was within my hand stretch reach. While we debate how technology is a boon if it is used in a right manner, the debate happens and never ends with a solution.

Amidst all the fiction books this one was a new and easy read non-fiction pick. Bright aspect of the book is the division of the book in strategic manner with topics, Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Priorities and Corruption. The book often makes you wonder whether technology taking our lives for wrong reason is something one needs to be concerned about.

Higher percentages of people rely on phones for things we could easily manage ourselves. For example al though people sport wrist watches of different brands, when it boils down to noting what time it is, its always the phone that’s to the rescue. 10yrs back I had a minimum of 5 landline numbers at the tip of my tongue; these days apart from my mobile number I know none. Author tells us how need has undoubtedly become an addiction.

What is strange about the title is it clears talks about the “phones” but as the chapters pass the topic gets entirely deviated from the phones to various other aspects of technology. Few chapters are unnecessarily stretched and the book rarely offers “how” this could be avoided if not completely stopped. Book also provides few case studies and statistics to establish the points by the author which I rarely have come across in any book. I particularly was amazed about with few governmental policies and how they could be bettered for the start ups.

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to be one, this one is for you. Pick it up.

10 Apr 2013


What is Himmatwala? Is it a comedy movie or a serious remake or a spoof of 80s? What the hell is it Mr.Sajid Khan?

You who believes and thrives on entertainment gave us this? Really? The fact that it’s been almost 10+ days and I haven’t reviewed the movie speaks volumes about what it was to sit through those 2.5hours. Post Himmatwala, I haven’t dared to venture into any other movie yet. That’s right, the movies actually was of Horror genre; Serves me right for making an effort against the critics who sloshed the movie in each and every angle.

Thank you for showing what true love is all about. I mean Heroine gives supari to tiger to kill hero. But tiger attacks heroine only and as I said due to true love, hero still saves heroine from the tiger. Heroine turns good and love blossoms. Then so many things happens which are not worth discussing. Finally, when hero is in the clutches of many villains, when he is about to die, his mother scolds god about being ignorant of the good people and the same tiger arrives to save the hero. So, the actual hero of the movie is not Ajay Devgan, but the Tiger. The same tiger from Life of Pi.

Ok. That’s all I can write. *folds hands* one big namskara to you Mr.Khan, please stay awesome with that model girlfriend of yours, have any amount of entertainment from her, SPARE US!!!

9 Apr 2013

Tantra by Adi

About the Book

Anu is a leather wearing, no-nonsense professional guardian with a reputation for killing the most dangerous vampires in New York City. But when her enemies murder the one person she truly cared about, all she wants is vengeance. The only clue points to New Delhi, so Anu puts in for a job transfer.
In India, she finds more than she expected. For one thing, her fellow operatives have made a truce with the vampires.

For another, it’s way too hot to wear leather.
At first, it seems Anu's biggest challenge will be evading the nice boys her aunt wants her to marry. But when children start disappearing, she discovers forces older and darker than anything shes faced before. All of Delhi is in danger, especially the sexy stranger who sets Anu's pulse racing.
To prepare for the coming battle, Anu must overcome her personal demons and put aside years of training. This time, her most powerful weapon will come from her mind, not her weapons belt.

My View

If I am not wrong I think this is the first vampire based Indian novel? I am sure picking it up for review because it is apart from the usual genre was the thinking, but there things turned different way.

Narration is very slow paced. It seems like the story is struck and not heading anywhere even after many pages. However the language is very simple. Humor too is ok, and you manage to smile. Just smile and not laugh. 

Tantra is a vampire huntress, Anu Agrawal’s story, who as a professional guardian is known for killing the most dangerous vampires in New York City. She reaches Delhi to seek revenge of a loved one. This changes her motive completely because it’s “India” and her aunt wants her to marry a handsome boy and settle down. The whole “shaadi karlo” drama was actually funny. Anu also saves kids being kidnapped amidst her revenge motive.

Anu meets Amit, who helps her in reaching her motive. This whole Anu and Amit names are funny, I wonder how authors come up with such same alphabet clichéd names for their main protagonists. Plot is weak in many portions where the link is not at all established. The chapter that seemed interesting was the one involving Anu and the Pandit, which is amount of detailing that should be all about. That is also what lacks in most of the portions in the book.

The cover makes you keep the book aside and not pick it up at all. It’s all cartooney and completely changes what is in store for the readers. If you are the one who would give lot of importance to the cover, then I am sure you would refrain from picking this one up.

It’s a nice blend of modern fantasy and ancient Mythology to the Vampire, blood sucking plot. Tantra when considered as a debut is good. If you love Delhi then Tantra is the book for you as it captures the streets of the city in a very good way. If vampire stories are your forte genre then Tantra is a good pick. 

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20 Mar 2013

Up Down

People waiting for lift to arrive act funny. Always.

  • They press the down button when they have to go up – Really not sure why
  • Few mahaanubhaavas press both the buttons, “Up” and “Down”, just in case.
  • People have no clue whether the lift is going up or down, they ask. Every fucking time.
  • Once they realize the lift is going in the opposite direction, they freeze. Its like they have no idea what to do, that earthquake is about to take place expression. Few just enter saying “let’s go up and come down” and few say sorry.
  • What happens next is crazy, few mental people, press the button again, just when the lift door was closed. Watch the door open again and repeat, that earthquake is about to take place expression.
  • The lift is full, but still few people have to get it. The overweight siren starts and the newly entered people stand as if it is none of their concern, until someone says “get out” in a subtle way that is.
  • Al though there are escalators people use lifts to go from floor 1 to floor 2.

People in the lift are funnier. Always.

  • Even if the floor 2 light is ON, person A who alights at floor 1 wants to still click it.
  • People either watch the floor, or the roof. Some fiddle with the mobile phones. When the lift travels. Only nut cases like me watch what others are watching.
  • Once the lift door opens people just want to rush out, like as if someone is torturing them to death inside. Even without knowing if that is the right floor or not. Some just go away in embarrassment, some return back.
  • Best have to be those parents, who let their kids lick melted cone ice-cream in the lift and thereby smearing it to next person’s trousers.

Finally, how can I not talk about the lift admin. Why do we need one? Do people make-out in lifts too that they need patrolling? What interesting do you do in the lift? Tell Tell

18 Mar 2013


There is no difference between “Super” and “Topiwala”. No really. The story opens with someone talking in ShankarNag style. Super too did the same. They show you how India would be if the black money never went out of India. Super does the same. I am the pioneer of longu-macchu culture Uppi says, agreed boss but what is with you telling the same every movie, every scene. Why the hell can’t you get over the fact that your regime is done and dusted? There are better creative people now or that your brains are rusted.

I did A, I did Om, you chant the same kithogiro mantra but why are you doing “Topiwala”, pray tell us why? We accepted those flicks and those are gems, yes. But doesn’t mean you give us kaage-bangara now and we rejoice thinking its original.

Topiwala is a bullshit movie, with bad story and even worse screenplay. And who is story and screenplay department? Real Star Upendra. Gone are the days when this man was a lunatic story teller, now he is just lunatic, and there is no story.  The songs are OK. So is the direction. Some debutant director Srini who himself is lost in the tale has directed the movie.

First half is Rangayana Raghu who is trying to arrest Basak aka Uppi as he is the mastermind behind thieves dressing up as cops’ idea. I don’t understand why this comedy idea was used. If that is the case why not declare a movie “comedy” genre, stop taking the audience for granted “oh this concept is dabba, so let me showcase this as comedy and that should make them believe” logic. Insert “Sholay” movie concept in between, throw a lot of “Anna Hazare”, “Baba Ramdev”, “Sonia”, “Karunanidhi” look-alikes and think you are doing justice to your screenplay. Haak thuuuu. Also Bhavana, high time you quit doing such roles.

Finally, to say that vote bank is the biggest Topiwala, so much drama and so much hype. Also producer, *throws a chombu*, ninge ide gathi.  Thale illadavarigalla tagline is so perfect, considering the headache I got after the movie.

13 Mar 2013

F?@k Knows by Shailendra Singh

About Book

Fuck Knows book by Shailendra Singh. The book is funny and candid, yet rich in insights on how to really live life on your own terms, this unconventional self-help manual is unlike any book around. What do you want from life? Are you on the right track? Are you truly happy? If your answer to these questions is Fuck knows!, then this book is for you.

Candid and thoughtful, Fuck Knows will show you how to really live life on your own terms, to do what you want to do and not what you have to do just because your father said so!

 My View

This book doesn’t preach, considering all your answers to life’s important questions would be “Fuck Knows”. It’s not a self-help genre, but still teaches you a lot, including the language. If you are someone who complains about foul language, I’d suggest you keep off this one.  Sometimes it irritated the shit outta me. Do not read this to “improve” self, but to discover actual life between what you think is life.

There are 5 important things why you should pick a copy.

  • About heart & life - Your heart is the closest thing to truth that you will find in life
  • The questions and answers - Everything that you wanted to know, everything that you didn’t even know, you wanted to know is all right there. Inside you. It is that easy
  • What is that you want - Write out 5 things that you want to accomplish by end of year. Not what your family wants to do or your wife wants you to do, or your boss wants to do, what you, deep in your heart, want to do.
  • Amidst busy schedule - Have you figured out your ME time?
  • On gut, heart and mind - Listen to your gut. Next flash your mind starts acting up. Pause it. Don’t act. Your gut is voice of your heart.

You might feel that you already know every detail that are said above. Agreed, but have you implemented 1% of what any self-help book has taught you? This one makes you want to do that, today, not tomorrow but today. That my friend is the major difference!! Written in 75 very short tales it deals with various aspects and not unlike any normal self-help that usually focuses on a single one. For instance you will find answers on love, question on wealth, raise fingers on attitude, make you take pen to jolt down goals, tick your to-do lists, let you listen to heart and most importantly gut. It says when not to shut up and when to think and when to just keep quiet.

Author finds humor in few of the traumatic incidents of (his) life & does not play the usual emotional card like any other author in the market. Each chapter doesn’t stretch beyond 3 pages and that makes it “not clichéd philosophical” pick. My favorite chapters have to be “Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi” and “Conversation with God”.

As much as I enjoyed author linking the chapters to his own life, there are certain chapters that sound very fake. I also thought there is no flow of any kind. If you read it in a continuous stretch you would be confused with too much information, but if you read it bit by bit, chapter by chapter, there would be right amount of information instilled in your mind is what I feel.

Do not expect a “Dale Carnegie” type of content but if are bored with the regular fiction novels, go pick it up. And as I mentioned read it, slowly. 

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11 Mar 2013

Simple-aag Ondh Love Story

Before I write about the movie, on saashTanga namskara to the entire team of “Simple-aag Ondh Love Story” - #SOLS

Sandalwood audiences are the most “weird” people ever. Most versatile too; chances are that when a couple watches a Kannada movie, one might rate it 5/5 and the other 0/5. They are extreme in their choices, who often complain that the only reason they are glued to television is bad movies. They are also the same people who will watch a good movie twice, thrice and give you “word of mouth” publicity, which is the best PR any movie can get.

While Prem is still coming in terms of in his “adda”, Bhatru writing lyrics like “kai asude basuda” for other movies, Nagathihalli thinking of his next tourism hotspot, Nagashekar working on his next molestation movie, Uppi scratching his head taking out his Topi and our Gadda Guruprasad finding an awesome glass to pour Director’s Special, here comes “Suni” in his debut venture. The best part of any debutant work is, we are viewing it for the first time and that person would have put every inch of creativity in his work. The movie is a winner mainly due to Suni, with catchy dialogues (which you can also watch with your mummy and daddy) and the narration (flashbacks and the actual story telling)
Director is very clever in releasing trailers; none of them tell you what the movie is about. He is also very clever telling the audience “picture abhi bhi baaki hai mere dost” during the climax. Kudos to the freshness in the script and the new star cast; I am in love with Rakshith Shetty’s voice, that voice is what drives the entire movie, not too fast, not too slow but in perfect pace.

The story is about Kushal (Rakshith Shetty) visiting Kodagu to fix an alliance of his sister (RJ Rachna of RadioCity 91.1) with her love and in turn settle with Brother-in-law’s sister (Dr Ithihasini) He meets the happy go lucky girl Khushi (Shwetha Srivatsav) in the house and is impressed. What happens when they meet is what you guys have to go figure.

Beautiful expressions, amazing body language and perfect dialogue delivery (you see very few girls can do the pyade dialogue delivery with ease and not look vulgar), Shwetha Srivatsav is born in the industry. I was a fan of BJ Bharath’s remixes earlier and he steals hearts with Baanali badalaago. Shot in Kodagu, you can expect the usual rain magic, but what you can also enjoy is Kaup Lighthouse of Mangalore, the most unexplored places of Karnataka.
Silly huDgi, Serious huDga, Sea nalli skipping maaDo aase huTTisida ruwaari, bega hogi “theater” nalli noDi, Simple-aag Ondh Love Story.

5 Mar 2013

Beaten By Bhagath, by S. V. Divvaakar

About the Book

I m sure you can do a much better job than Bhagath! When BB hears these inspiring words from his sexy lady boss, his staid life as a successful analyst in an MNC goes into a tailspin. Bitten by the ego bug and smitten by her, BB sets off on his quest to write a book that’s better than India’s greatest writer Dr. Bhagath’s blockbusters. Nothing unusual about this for BB who likes a good fight. Except that he and Bhagath had been classmates and friends at college.

What follows is a roller-coaster voyage of the debutant author and his book, with all its twists and cul-de-sacs. Brushes with publishers, celebrities, retailers, book chains, and competition with the alliances among giants, mark the challenger’s journey, upping the stakes at every stage. Will BB catch up with his famous friend? What will their encounter be like? Written from inside the ring, Beaten by Bhagath is a gripping tale the first-ever about the unseen side of the wonderland of Indian fiction

My View

There was a time when for entire khandaan there used to be one person who knew English and the same person wrote leave letters to school kids, college teenagers and also to working men. I remember how the content would always be the same, only “To”, “From” in the letter would change. Fast forward, today everyone is writes rather blogs. Everyone is an avid reader, amateur photographer and things of such sorts.

Beaten By Bhagath! A Tale of Two Writers by S V Divvaakar is all about the present publication industry. Based on a fact that everyone thinks they can write a book, wants a book published as soon as possible. This book gives you an insight on how things work and the struggle between the debutant “author”, the “publisher”, the “retailer” and most importantly the “reader”.

It also tells why you have to be “a good writer” and not “a good writer as ABC”, who has already made a mark. Our society has always been comparing creativity, academics and that is exactly the same wrong that we are instilling in our children; Beaten by Bhagath, tells you that. It asks you to have a competition, set a realistic goal that involves “only you”. Author asks everyone who is thinking of the venture to focus on who will be reading the book than what to write.

Two young guys Ketan Sarvadaman Bhagath (K-10) and Balwant Bhagath (BB) enter college and what follows till chapter 5 is very boring. It loosely runs like the movie “3 idiots”, be the ragging part or pursuing the singing part, and when I was bored enough to close the book because I already know what happens, is when things get interesting. 

Once BB starts scripting his book, every tiny issue he faced was true. I could so relate to “don’t take family for granted” chapter. Every writer wants his book, blogpost to be read and that is exactly what is written in your highness is naked.

There are few instances that were totally not necessary like physical abuse, comparing a book to a slut and connecting how a write is a pimp. If they were written to just for the sake of up content, then it sounds very dumb. Author plays very well with changing names of the people in question and publishers in talk to ones that rhyme with the actual names. To one extent this got a little too childish. I am also not sure what the cover has to do with the story, maybe cricket sells logic. Its kind of misleading.

The climax however is not what one expects. With a flair for singing for a long time, I always thought that the book will move towards interests of the author. What happened came as a shocker to me and the impending approach made me wonder, if really such a day would arise in the industry. This one is an interesting read with amazing lessons and most importantly 200 pages, a quick read. 

27 Feb 2013


Last week I wrote about the first best Bollywood movie of 2013 and behold, Abhishek Kapoor brings us “Kaipoche”

This one is about youth, not the regular disco visiting, partying, glamorous group. The script does not ask such. But of late the only youth I can imagine and that what the industry has clichéd is such; the three protagonists’ men (yes not boys, slurp men) play us, the middle-class public, and full of aspirations, dreams, most importantly who have no definite goals with very little means.

A financially frustrated guy joins hands, an aspiring Cricket player/coach along and an easily influenced Brahmin boy; three men, different motives, neatly woven to make an amazing story. It comes alive with an exuberant screenplay by Pubali Chaudhari, Supratik Sen, Abhishek Kapoor, Chetan Bhagat team and rightly supported by Deepak Bhatia’s crisp editing. I know that the foundation was available with the book but adding visual treat is no lesser deal. Pati who doesn’t know about the book enjoyed as much as I did, even after reading the book.

For people who have no clue about how “religion” and “politics” are two sides of the same coin, the movie is an eye opener. Linking natural calamities to violent Godhra riots to nail biting cricket matches aren’t easy, but everything is done at ease. Complete credits to Abhishek Kapoor, who managed to keep C-Bag in good terms - CB’s son plays a guest appearance in the movie. Funny I know, but that is so typical us. Kapoor’s best talent as a director was in the characterization. Without the known famous star cast, is why the movie clicks. I’ve heard people appreciate Sushanth and few give accolades to Amit but for me Raj Kumar Yadav is the hero. Not even for a minute does he get out of Govind, either while he’s playing the tensed “what-if-my-friend-watches-me-with-his-sister” scene or when he’s playing “whether-I-know-to-dance-or-not-only-I-have-to-dance-with-her” or when he’s tensed asking auto-guy to “mind-his-work” and specially when he climbs the roof of the bus, all scared.

Amit Trivedi, for the charismatic music you’ve delivered and Anay Goswami, for the natural frame in every scene, take a bow. This movie makes you smile. How can you not when you watch cricket solve differences. Been there, experienced that.

I am also glad that the Brett Lee part of version from the book, that sounded very stupid to me, was not adapted in the movie. That is why it stands out from bad writing to good story to an amazing movie. “Kaipoche” - houseful on a weekday, in Mysore. Says another story altogether; book tickets your now.

Hoping this cuts many more record threads and soars high, like the characters.

P.S: Not mentioning about heroine is done deliberately. 

21 Feb 2013

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

'Fortune Rice Bran Health' Oil Capsicum – Onion – Ridgegourd – Potato - Tulsi Bajji

Changing cooking oil to mothers or Mother-in-laws is almost like changing age old tradition. It’s always a no-no. I am not sure if this is a boon or a bane but that generation, on an average resists Change. What makes it hard is not the change itself, but our tendency to want to hold on to the unchanged

In spite of having that resistance, I requested MIL to use 'Fortune Rice Bran Health' oil in her day to day kitchen life. It’s just an experiment I said, and she nodded.

After experimenting on the dishes that require minimal oil, and not able to find out the difference, Pati’s hungry tummy on the eve of Trade Union Bandh suggested Bajji. Can a mother ever say no to son’s taste buds? Never.

Thus the below happened.

Cooking Time: Depends what soap is on the TV
Serves: Hungry people

you need:

1 large onion
1 large Capsicum
½ Ridge Gourd – washed and skin peeled
1 large potato
20 Tulsi Leaves – Washed and dried with dry cloth

3/4 cup of Besam (gram flour)
1/2 tsp of red chilli powder
1 spoon Rice flour
1 tsp of salt (adjust to taste)
1/4 tsp of soda powder
¼ tsp Turmeric powder

2-3 cups of 'Fortune Rice Bran Health' oil, for deep frying, make sure the frying pan is 3/4th full 

How to:

1. Peel, wash, and cut the onion/potato/ridge gourd into thick rings. Capsicum needs to be cut lengthwise

2. Rest of the stuff needs to be mixed to a batter consistency not too thick or not too watery; just right to coat the vegetable and hold on instead of dripping.  

3. Heat oil until it just begins to smoke. Lower the flame to medium-low, dip the onion/potato/ridge gourd rings and capsicum into the batter to coat thoroughly and drop into the hot oil.


4. I am not sure about the time, but fry them till they turn golden brown. I was so scared to take the above pic btw, what if the mobile fell and became a bajji I thought.

Most of them ask you to serve with Mint chutney or Tomato Chutney. I’d say, just gulp them hot

The recipe is not done yet. Once all the vegetable are done, 90% of the time batter remains. It is either thrown away or refrigerated. Health wise not recommended at all.

This is when Tulsi leaves come into picture. Add Tulsi leaves to the batter and repeat the process of smearing each leaf with batter and dropping into oil. These cook very quick hence be very careful to not burn these small tiny pieces of pakoras.

After frying we often use tissues to absorb the extra oil. Surprisingly this never happened in 'Fortune Rice Bran Health' oil case. The Bajjis did not drink oil and tasted very crispy. You can see that the tissue below the bajjis have no trace of oil at all.

They say this oil is 10/10 Orizynol

  1. Heart Friendly
  2. Improves HDL/LDL ratio.
    Healthier heart
  3. Balanced nutrition, balanced health
  4. Anti-cancer properties
  5. Improves skin tone and
    delays wrinkle information
  6. Helps maintaining balance
    of nervous system
  7. Protection against diseases
  8. Stimulates hormonal secretion, rejuvenates health
  9. Healthier food

It will take a while to find out, but in 4 days of cooking MIL has decided to change her cooking oil that she has been using for 40yrs now, and also recommended few neighbors about the same. That indeed speaks volumes of the product.  

I am reviewing healthy oil as a part of the BlogAdda's Product Review Program for Indian Bloggers.