4 Jan 2013

On 4th I have 4 questions


1. Police Inspector and his left leg?


Being a cop’s daughter this question as to why inspector’s left leg is on the footboard was often shot to me at school, plus I was curious too. I diligently took them back home. Initially it was funny and father laughed, then he turned violent. I hid the laaTi. Anyways he did come up with an answer which did not come close to what the question was “How would I know my jeep has a door, hence I don’t know”


2. What is that formula?


“Formula kodu formula kodu”, else I will torture your mom to death, says every villain amidst colorful beakers letting out some white smoke in chemistry lab. I always wanted to know what the hell this formula was. Dare they ask this “formula” logic to Sheldon? Plus the hero never came up with something genuine like handwritten notes; it was either some object or solution.


3. What’s in that suitcase?


Every ill family member expected someone to run (yeah not ride) but run to “family doctor (?)” in often rainy night to get him. OK, somewhat makes sense, but what the hell was in the suitcase of the doctor? It looked like heroine’s vanity case to me. This family member is required to run behind (always) the doctor holding the suitcase, till doctor held injection high towards light did some naTak and gave injection without swabbing. Oh also run behind him with suitcase. Family doctor? From cold to cholera, Gastritis to gynecology, same doctor?


4. What is there to laugh?


Every time a bride is got to the room, for the first night, bunch of girls keep laughing. It’s like an indication to the hero that she’s arriving, get things straight (erm literally too)? How come we never heard any naughty joke being cracked before the laugh? Pray tell me why does she even require those girls, can’t she walk? That cannot walk logic is after the night no?


That’s it, I am writing for Sandalwood. Rockline uncle, I am coming!!!


ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

Yappa.. yen doubts ri nimdu... olle majavaagide. especially formula kodu and last one...