28 Jan 2013

Race 2

Disclaimer: This review is barring "Deepika's sexiness" & "I want John now feeling" & "Oh Saif is drool material" & "Ameesha is the new Ayesha Takia" & "Line hodi to Jacqueline" * finally "Anil Kapoor is really funny" frame of minds ok?

Race 2 is a sequel of the underground mafia guys from Race 1 (???). If only they were buried down under for signing such a movie and Abbas-Mastan, you guys deserve big applaud, for delivering an awesome comedy.

I don't know how everyone gets access of hotel terrace; usually its takloos who walk with limousine type suitcase used to carry violins but instead have sniper rifle and such. No one has any problem. This guy shoots car and it blows, like he put bomb from the rifle. Then instead of leaving the "crime scene (???)", he sends MMS to Boss who gave supari, waits for Saif to run towards him, takes the same route from where Saif is arriving, gets shocked to see Saif and runs in opposite direction. WTF idiot, you had a gun!!!

He runs Saif chases He runs Saif chases He runs Saif chases, for 10 minutes, until takloo gets a car and Saif gets a motor boat, which he overtakes the car and kills him off. Yeah, just like that.

I should talk about one of the best robbery I witnessed. Dacoits fall from helicopter, attach wires to train bogies, unhook the bogie off the train and lift entire bogie to steal currency paper. Kudos man, kudos!!!

After loads of stupidity, John and Saif are now friends. The typical harke jeetne waale ko Baazigar err Saudagar err whatever kehthe hai scene, Deepika, John's sister, who kills men after turning them horny is fida on Saif. Be it emotional or romantic or shocking scene, Jacqueline is having only one face - "the porn face". No seriously!!!

Saif is fooling John. John is using Jacqueline to pretend that she is Saif's saali and she is fooling Saif. John thinks he is fooling Saif. But Deepika is being fooled by her brother so she wants to fool him back being with Saif. Saif asks Deepika to pretend that she is fooling Saif but actually fooling John. Anil Kapoor is fooling John by saying he is fooling Saif and Saif is being told by Deepika that Anil is fooling him by not fooling John.

*Yeah scratch head*

Everyone thinks it's a fool proof plan.

They fool the church that they have stolen shroud, which even Hollywood ever could. But actually it's in the church only. Exit from church's charanDi and exit from another charanDi like Klean Krishnappa happens. Between "who-fooled-whom" fight, Saif is killed by putting poison to glass.

Best climax ever: In the private jet flight, when John is about to kill Deepika because she is a bhoj to him, Saif enters via John's uber cool car. Fight starts and John throws an armed weapon at Saif, that hits the window pane and it breaks. The plane starts wobbling and the pilot (there is no co-pilot) instead of landing the flight is shaken and shouting "Hey what is happening, please stop stop".

John and his girlfriend win the fight and fall off from flight with help of parachute after killing the pilot. Saif vrooms off from the plane, in John's car, that as soon as it's in air, opens four parachutes. I also saw Saif pointing and laughing at John, for having four-wheeler landing whereas John has self landing.

It's the time John realizes he is the biggest fool and rest not. Jacqueline makes a porn face and leaves him, & now we all have to wait for Race 3.

*slits wrist*


Noble N said...

One of the best reviews in recent times !! Review was much much more interesting than actual movie , ( well I could makeout without watching ) . Now days more stupid the movie more chances of it becoming super duper hit 100 crores mark .

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Yappppaaaa! LOL!!!