11 Feb 2013


The fact that R. Chandru decided to produce his directorial debut says two things, either he is very confident about his script or no one agreed to invest money. I’d say it’s the later.
As he claims, that movie is a “real inspired” story, it certainly is not. It runs on the concepts of movie “My Autograph”, but in more dramatic way. My Autograph involves three aspects of hero’s life and 3 different women who made him what he is, and in this movie, all three aspects involve only one girl and why hero doesn’t say “I Love You” to her. According to R.Chandru for a person four pillars are very important in life for a smooth life to lead - need of parents, teachers, friends and life partner. & these 4 pillars form the Charminar, naalku kambani kahaani.


The story could be narrated in 90 mins but R. Chandru takes 180mins. He doesn’t loop in any comedy scenes between and already bored audiences almost start to doze off. Prem is the only positive in the movie and Meghana has no role, she only holds bag/books and walks. Music is OK-OK but our Gurukiran has chachaDu in the background score.

*Begins Narration by Director to media and then that story has hero explain it in flash back mode – yes storyception and all that*

Hero falls in love with a girl in high school; thanks to her, last bench student hero is now a topper, he first gifts Reynolds pen to her (after stealing money from his mom who wanted to take bottu from it), takes her notes, follows her everywhere, reaches college, tries to propose, gets caught by Heroine’s mother who then informs principal who yells at him for not focusing on his goals. Lets go his love and tops engineering and then accidentally meets her, she gifts him Abdul Kalam books that help him in campus interview (Bleedy I thought it was Shakuntala Devi) Our hero is now CEO of an American firm just in one month of job, earns 1.5L per month, goes to propose, but before that is confronted by heroine’s poor mother who doesn’t approve of love because they are of different caste. Hero decides to let go her.

*Cut Hero’s Flashback*

Alumni meet doesn’t have his childhood dove and hero is disappointed. He for the last time decides to meet her, following is the scene

Enter hero, to see heroine in the dungeon type house with a crying baby next to her. Hero thinks she is married and has a kid; just then neighboring aunty arrives to pick the kid. Heroine explains that kids love her to come and spend time with her. Hero sees heroine’s mother photo hung to wall with haara attached, I let out a huge sigh that mudki took ticket (trust me, only because of her we have to survive the story this long)

A happy hero now wants to drink water, asks heroine. She says it next to him, why don’t you pick. Hero gets sad, “I have traveled from 35000kms to see you and you cant give me a glass of water?”

Heroine with sad face picks her clutches and we are shown that she has no leg. Explains she lost her mother and her leg in an accident (??? Thuuu)

Our hero finally proposes, says “I will be your leg from now on”

By now the audience’s legs were twitching, to kick R.Chandru. I am thinking of killing the director, and then someone might direct this “real story” and call it “Qutub Minar”, single headache na kahaani.