5 Feb 2013


Kamal ne tho Kamaal hi kardiya; err not the KRK folks, but Kamal Haasan (KH). Movie starts with KH’s wife Nirupama, having doctorate in nuclear oncology, explaining to a psychiatrist why she spied her husband. She complains how bad her marriage to an older guy just for a green card turned and which is also why she is coochi-kooing with her boss (but she didn’t have sex yet)

Enter KH. As an elegant Kathak dancer, in the only song shot, & starts to tell a story, with grace and finesse. A fake story of his character, his goals, his love towards his wife and he succeeds in mesmerizing you. The first 30 minutes of the movie was already paisa vassol for me.

Few events unfold and KH turns into RAW agent leaving his wife and audience shocked. The transformation is blended with action and humor. Again KH carries himself with complete dignity if the transformation process. He is tender and slow, soft and moist; next he is chopping hands and stylishly executing bad men.

Audiences’ “what the hell happened” questions are often answered by bits and piece style of narration. We see KH undergo another makeover, of a Jihadi, he aim shoots target right on their head, jumps walls, defeats everyone in the practice tussle and teaches techniques, but a mature Jihadi, whose heart aches for people undergoing pain.

Amidst all the three alterations is an exuberant Sam Varghese cinematography. Even though we are forced to like Afghanistan these days, the story showcases locations leaving one spellbound. 45 minutes to the movie, when everyone starts feeling the drag. The background score and ‘cut-edit- narration try their best to negate the stretchy part.

Each time the Jihadi content was on screen I wondered about targeting Muslims and their beliefs nonsense. I found none. Not because I am not a Muslim but for a due fact that the story is real, not fiction plus I am not political. I wonder why people behind the ban never spoke to the Al-Qaeda organization quoting the same reason.

Unlike a normal Tamil flick where punch dialogues play a vital role, this one doesn’t offer anything. What it put forward is KH and his 3 avatars, where he does justice to each. The warfare scenes have grotesque violence, which will sure gross the family crowd. There was a disclaimer before the movie began, however.

Many a time I could not understand what Rahul Bose, the head, spoke. Due to the language and because post mishap his vocals have been completely tarnished. The guy, who plays Salim, after he takes away his beard, is a complete drool material and had added immense value addition in the movie.

Climax is shot in an idiotic way. The mission, the head Al-Qaeda focuses his entire life, leaves town trusting a random guy and haphazard technique. Also never heard airplane mode? Subtitles are funny though, when needed they aren’t there and when not, its shown.

The movie is a decent flick, and I think the ban hangama will only add profits to KH’s kitty and not otherwise. KH is neither a good guy nor a bad guy, he is an intelligent film maker.