17 Feb 2013

Special 26

Specially presenting you the first awesome movie of 2013 “Special 26”

This one is inspired by a real story that occurred in 1987 where a man who proclaimed that he was from the CBI robbed a notable jeweler store in Mumbai. Written and directed by Neeraj Pandey of “A Wednesday” fame, this one is breathtakingly an elegant & an intelligent movie (that is right both together). I am sure it must be quite a task for the director to think opposite his initial thought process from his debut where the story moves along with the law and rule abiding nature. Special Chabbis is entirely opposite where the con men play the “smart” men.

The best part of the flick is that the plot is always on the move. Be it the first systematic raid in Delhi, or the chaotic raid in Kolkota or the marriage in Chandigarh. There is no room for the audience to relax. One’s mind has to air travel or have a bumpy rick ride or the pulsating train commute, the mind has to travel along. Sometimes it has to run as well, especially with Manoj Bajpai’s performance. I couldn't help but notice how “Tumhara dupatta kahaan hai” dialogue is so “Manoj Bajpai-yish”, only he could deliver that with humor and without the women being grumpy about how such men are lame.

For me the most boring and unnecessary bits have to be the songs (they were put forcefully) and the romance between Akshaye and Kajal Aggarwal. Heroine is very tanda in the role or is there a role? This is the only time I wanted to tweet.

How can one forget the eye for detailing art direction by Vaishnavi Reddy. From the types on cars on road to the round dial phones and sober, clean cities back in the 80s, ahh what a sight it was through the movie. Too bad Bobby isn’t around to watch the success and the cinematic experience viewers had.

I heard Akki got a standing ovation from dear wife Twinkle, kya baat hai, I am sure she must have let out a huge sigh watching this one, taking into account previously released 786 nonsense. His duke tees were complete woooo types. I is still hard for me to believe that is his voice in the song, I see too much of Himesh's aoooo in there. 

Just because of the sequel talks going on, the climax was very abrupt. I felt cheated; the running around just paused; yeah not stop but paused. The director wanted audience to venture out of the cinema hall with too many questions, I guess. Jimmy Shergill’s climax revelation has to be the face palm moment. 
Go watch it. NOW