18 Mar 2013


There is no difference between “Super” and “Topiwala”. No really. The story opens with someone talking in ShankarNag style. Super too did the same. They show you how India would be if the black money never went out of India. Super does the same. I am the pioneer of longu-macchu culture Uppi says, agreed boss but what is with you telling the same every movie, every scene. Why the hell can’t you get over the fact that your regime is done and dusted? There are better creative people now or that your brains are rusted.

I did A, I did Om, you chant the same kithogiro mantra but why are you doing “Topiwala”, pray tell us why? We accepted those flicks and those are gems, yes. But doesn’t mean you give us kaage-bangara now and we rejoice thinking its original.

Topiwala is a bullshit movie, with bad story and even worse screenplay. And who is story and screenplay department? Real Star Upendra. Gone are the days when this man was a lunatic story teller, now he is just lunatic, and there is no story.  The songs are OK. So is the direction. Some debutant director Srini who himself is lost in the tale has directed the movie.

First half is Rangayana Raghu who is trying to arrest Basak aka Uppi as he is the mastermind behind thieves dressing up as cops’ idea. I don’t understand why this comedy idea was used. If that is the case why not declare a movie “comedy” genre, stop taking the audience for granted “oh this concept is dabba, so let me showcase this as comedy and that should make them believe” logic. Insert “Sholay” movie concept in between, throw a lot of “Anna Hazare”, “Baba Ramdev”, “Sonia”, “Karunanidhi” look-alikes and think you are doing justice to your screenplay. Haak thuuuu. Also Bhavana, high time you quit doing such roles.

Finally, to say that vote bank is the biggest Topiwala, so much drama and so much hype. Also producer, *throws a chombu*, ninge ide gathi.  Thale illadavarigalla tagline is so perfect, considering the headache I got after the movie.