20 Mar 2013

Up Down

People waiting for lift to arrive act funny. Always.

  • They press the down button when they have to go up – Really not sure why
  • Few mahaanubhaavas press both the buttons, “Up” and “Down”, just in case.
  • People have no clue whether the lift is going up or down, they ask. Every fucking time.
  • Once they realize the lift is going in the opposite direction, they freeze. Its like they have no idea what to do, that earthquake is about to take place expression. Few just enter saying “let’s go up and come down” and few say sorry.
  • What happens next is crazy, few mental people, press the button again, just when the lift door was closed. Watch the door open again and repeat, that earthquake is about to take place expression.
  • The lift is full, but still few people have to get it. The overweight siren starts and the newly entered people stand as if it is none of their concern, until someone says “get out” in a subtle way that is.
  • Al though there are escalators people use lifts to go from floor 1 to floor 2.

People in the lift are funnier. Always.

  • Even if the floor 2 light is ON, person A who alights at floor 1 wants to still click it.
  • People either watch the floor, or the roof. Some fiddle with the mobile phones. When the lift travels. Only nut cases like me watch what others are watching.
  • Once the lift door opens people just want to rush out, like as if someone is torturing them to death inside. Even without knowing if that is the right floor or not. Some just go away in embarrassment, some return back.
  • Best have to be those parents, who let their kids lick melted cone ice-cream in the lift and thereby smearing it to next person’s trousers.

Finally, how can I not talk about the lift admin. Why do we need one? Do people make-out in lifts too that they need patrolling? What interesting do you do in the lift? Tell Tell


Ananth Vallabh said...

Maybe listen to some of the mobile conversations and make them feel embarrassed when they say " Lifalli idini (I am in the lift)". Farting is also an option :P

Samarpita Sharma said...

Brilliant! India does need *lift training*.. soo sooo much. Fursat mein hai aaj, K? :-)
Waise the lift man is required because .. service. Ppl dont need to touch the dirty, infected buttons. In case the lift stops, he should be trained with what needs to be done. And a few other reasons :-p

Unknown said...

I mostly fall in your category, the couple who pretend to talk to each other, like they hardly get time in their home, Gosh, don't they have better place to talk to each other.

or, a college gang, laughing at some silly stuff, or talking about the tall bald person standing ahead.

And the list goes on!...

Anonymous said...

I always find it irritating when inside lift I'm surrounded by all women and my hands are automatically dead cold. Mostly inside my pockets.
A misplaced hand movement and you are dead.
You can understand my pain.

Murali Krishna said...

Good one... everyone keeps thinking about it & you have inked it.. in a very nice to read way :) ...

Prashanth said...

This happened couple of weeks ago. I was going up in a crowded lift (16-18 ppl were there)from -1 to 8th floor. Being a peak time it stopped in every lift. One of my team mate who was standing next to me kept on saying aloud 'Ding-Dong' every time the door opened. :D

Later got to know from other teammates that he does almost every time :P