10 Apr 2013


What is Himmatwala? Is it a comedy movie or a serious remake or a spoof of 80s? What the hell is it Mr.Sajid Khan?

You who believes and thrives on entertainment gave us this? Really? The fact that it’s been almost 10+ days and I haven’t reviewed the movie speaks volumes about what it was to sit through those 2.5hours. Post Himmatwala, I haven’t dared to venture into any other movie yet. That’s right, the movies actually was of Horror genre; Serves me right for making an effort against the critics who sloshed the movie in each and every angle.

Thank you for showing what true love is all about. I mean Heroine gives supari to tiger to kill hero. But tiger attacks heroine only and as I said due to true love, hero still saves heroine from the tiger. Heroine turns good and love blossoms. Then so many things happens which are not worth discussing. Finally, when hero is in the clutches of many villains, when he is about to die, his mother scolds god about being ignorant of the good people and the same tiger arrives to save the hero. So, the actual hero of the movie is not Ajay Devgan, but the Tiger. The same tiger from Life of Pi.

Ok. That’s all I can write. *folds hands* one big namskara to you Mr.Khan, please stay awesome with that model girlfriend of yours, have any amount of entertainment from her, SPARE US!!!