15 Aug 2013

Bonds arriving Soon.

Sammy here is running a contest. On writing letters. We've come long way from horrifying telegrams, contest postcards, funny leave-letters and mushy love letters; Oh how can I forget writing letters to self. They say writing is the only place there is no interruption so the contest required a 140 characters extract from a letter.

Contest has been entered, and the whole letter goes below. This also is an official announcement on the blog, first time.

Little Bonds,

Never knew two lines on the pregnancy test meant I am having two of you. Mommy loves shocks more than surprises, Pa is yet to understand that in 4 years and you guys already know?

Forced bed rest now to no sleep later, people around scare me. God granted my wish in plural because he knows mommy is an over achiever.  Apart from normal sundry mommy stuff, I will never let anyone of you compromise on things in the name of gender, traditions, culture or customs and most importantly because you are twins.

Apologies for the space crunch, suck your thumb well, kick more, and sleep peacefully because these are banned in this part of the world. Remember “sharing is caring”; take good care of each other till you reach mommy’s hands.

To-Be-Soon Mommy Bond 


sam said...

<3 <3
I am smiling fondly and I don't have any ither words to say.

sangeeta said...

Lovely..lovely..I'm just Awwww'ing...<3 :)

San said...

Awww... K..when d bonds grow up there will be a smile everytime they read this. <3

Bhargavi Dev K said...

Bless you. Bless the bons :*