29 Aug 2013

Bumpy Stare

In India as much as people have overrated asking “any good news?” question, have also overrated viewing the baby bump. Or should I say “staring”
The other day in the mall, while Pati held my hand and walked, one lady who was gobbling McD Maharaja looked at us. Then her eyes went straight to my belly. & then 10secs passed, she still had her eyes wide planted on me. Finally it was a stare, and to end it, a cold one from me. I still don’t get it; why make the watching deliberate? This doesn’t happen only at public places but at the hospitals too. Hospital where one can find big bellied women waiting anxiously for their turn to see the doctor, the onlookers don’t spare here as well.
Men never (ok 90% of them) look at you. Even if you are wearing a deep neck or the tight dress is showcasing body in weird ways possible. Pregnancy seems to be a turn off to the men.
Basically how men orgasm on staring boobs, women orgasm by staring baby bump. Yes, you can look, and then make eye contact with lady trying hard to walk; lastly give a smile. Smiling at strangers is not creepy, staring continuously with wide eyes is. 
You might tell me, “why venture out?” it’s the hormones people.  That gives you weird bayakes and asks you to demand things that are out of reach; that I have no control on. With twins, it’s double and yes you can send all you sympathies to the husband.
Lastly, Yes, I love to flaunt my belly; it’s a high. But that’s only about me, a woman. As motherhood kicks in, I also want my kandammas to be safe, and that is why I do not like the stares.


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