8 Sept 2013


Finally!!!! Lucia is out in the theatres. Any pioneer effort is often criticized more, than motivation. There have been questions on transparency about “crowd funding being utilized” and there was also an article from a known newspaper on how Pawan is out in the streets to get the movie released. To everyone who raised fingers, the answer is here.

Lucia is Sandalwood’s dream reality!

How? Why?
  • ·         Promos always contain the best part of movie, to pull crowd, but in Lucia, the trailer has nothing compared to the feast offered in the movie. No-one is offering you Mylari Dose and giving you Neer Dose (yes, this is intended comparison)
  • ·         Movie keeps you thinking and by the time you conclude logic, it gives you more to think on. All with brilliant continuity.
  • ·         Is that Satish Neenasam? 90% of the crowd in the multiplex had this question. In every frame, sheer wow factor. Be it driving a Range Rover to managing a scissor door to kithogiro cycle, he has provided honesty to “what the scene demands”, emerging as an amazing debutant in the industry for the lead roles.
  • ·         Nam Mysore huDga, oops huDugaru have given some all amazing songs, where you remember the tune and for god’s sake cannot sing along without the lyric. As Pawan said, transformation of “Orchestra Naveen” hailing from beLLekere to a playback singer displays the commitment displayed from the entire crew. Does anyone feel Poorna looks like younger bro of Mata Guruprasad?
  • ·         I cannot describe camera work of Sidharth in words, take a bow sir. Also please do let out the secret of “make heroine look slim” camera, instead of the Slimming powders, many could use it J
  • ·         Parallel editing and writing script where you got to portray “actual color shots” and the “not-so-actual non-color shots” with a smooth flow takes guts. To write and to have faith in what is written, I now know the frustration behind blog post of Pawan back in 2012 on finding no investors for the concept.  
With so much love from the audiences and social media, I want to ask Pawan and the team, why care about the cold, idiotic treatment meted out by the insiders in the industry along with the media. This one turned out to my basri bayake and my last movie of 2013, before the babies are out. I had to actually seek permission from the doctor, and there are people like me, who loved the movie to the core.

I see no sense in seeking their support, as LUCIA is movie made by the audience, of the audience, for the audience, keep calm and move on.


abhay said...

What an honest review. In the face to backstabbers. (Y)

Murthy said...

Editing and re-recording has missed your attention. It is top class. I told Pawan after the premier, he acknowledged with all humility/Murthy

Murali Krishna said...

Very well written... Innu nodak aagilvalla antha kai kai hisukkotha idhini...