26 Nov 2013

Letter one.

Dear Shelly & Missy,

Its been a month already; here is what you need to know. About people, the very basics of life.

1. Everyone who came visiting you two, are NOT genuine good people. Believe all; but trust few.

2. Hear everything people offer you - advices and suggestions. Listen only if you feel it makes sense.

3. Adjustment. Compromise. Are two sides of the same coin. They are valuable. But if its at the stake of your happiness, its ok to lose the coin.

These people need no introductions; Nani & Nanu, Ajji & thatha, Chikki, Dodappa & Dodamma, both your akkas & your muthatha. Always respect them.

There is one more special person im introducing you, she is mom's good luck charm. Who with her smile brightens gloomy mood. Sia.

I cant feed you guys cake, so the same has been gobbled. In few hours the milk is gonna be sweet. (Appa's logic)

Amma & Appa

22 Nov 2013

The Arrival.

While me and Pati were calculating number of days ahead for the Arrival of the baby bonds, they had different plans.

After a mock drill of false pain, admitting to hospital, & getting discharged we knew we were close. But never knew it was that close.

Week 33, day 5.

Lets not wait anymore, said the current doctor. Her good 6th sense said waiting could complicate.

Previous doctor disagreed. One more week is a must as I was free of Sugar BP edema etc everything a twin expectant should have.

Amidst discussions, arguments finally the muhurtha was fixed.

Oct 24th. Week 34.

By 5pm I was at the hospital. With all the baggage. We were phyically prepared. Mentally, err I can say no signs of 'stress'.
The room number was a delight. Palindrome. My OCD.

Blood tests were done. Canula was placed. Enema given. Meeting with anasthesist done. Still no sign of stress. However with Pati, it was a different case.

We were being prepared for three things

1. Babies could be placed in NICU as they were 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Which would mean till they'd stabilize we had to pray.

2. If not in NICU the babies would be too fragile and should be taken utmost care for next 4 weeks. Chances of they getting sick due to temp changes from womb was very common

3. They would not know latching. So feeding would be very tough.

That night, as I held Pati close, I told him not to worry. "This is our last night as couple, tomorrow we will be a family. Big family"

Not sure if that made any difference. soon it was dawn.

Oct 25th. D day.

"All set?", asked the doc. I had no answer.

12pm. Catheter was placed. Test doses injected. OT was booked for 12:15pm. But I was still in the ward.

There were too many people in the room each kept assuring all would be fine. I was getting suffocated with the OT dress. I politely asked everyone to leave. I needed some me time.

Next 15 minutes I tried keeping my mind blank. But every small event from the past 2yrs kept hitting me. I wanted to thank dr.Sowmya that moment, she was more of a friend than a doctor.

Stretcher arrived at 12:50pm. I was asked to roll from current bed to stretcher. I laughed loud.

"Delivery is in OT not here", then they got the roller. Roller is an amazing device. Tilt current bed, push me to roller, tild stretcher opposite way, push me out of roller. I was giggling and the nurse thought I've lost it.

Being dragged from ward to OT was slightly bhayanak then turned fun. I felt like a lizard, moving on the ceiling. I could see name boards in weird places. Few cracks and holes. Also stretcher was small. I had to hold the side bars tight.

Stretcher was in the lift. Lift had me and the boy. He was sweating; pushing a plus size lady who was pregnant with twins, not an easy job paapa.


I was there. Finally.

"Dont take tension", pati told me at the door. He looked freaked out like crazy. I smiled.

I was pulled inside and left outside OT entrance. This was when it hit me. It was time. This was also when "gender" thing striked me. It could be

Ramesh Suresh.
Phoebe Ursula.
Sheldon Missy.

I'd never thought of it. Before what if questions hit me, I was rolled to OT bed. They made me sit, and asked to bend. Before I knew, I felt a fluid run through my spine and then everything went numb.

The feeling was heavenly. Like drugged. No pain down. Too much pain above.

Dr.Sonia asked if I was ok. I nodded. They smeared cold liquid all over my tummy. With the scissors a drape covered my face and the rest of the body.

In few secs, I felt my tummy deflate and by the time I realize I heard baby cry. Then it was 5 words.

First baby. Male. True knot.

That's when I prayed, let it be a girl please. My first prayer about the gender. It was instant. Another side of my tummy deflated. It was a soft cry.

Second baby. Female.

No, I did not cry. There, im sure everyone is in a state where emotions freeze. Time flies so fast.

Few mins to birth everyone left. Only anathesist stayed. That guy spoke about club memberships. I was like :-/

Nurse got the babies to me. They were so freaking tiny. Like a . Dot
I kissed them on their cheeks. I felt I was kissing a soft cotton ball.

Again I had no clue what happened. Whether they were put in NICU or not. In the recovery, I kept asking the question. None knew.

One lady next to me kept shouting pain pain, post C sec. They got her baby to feed. She dint want to feed coz pain. I didn't know what pain meant that moment. I wanted to feed but no babies. Almost in tears, I saw mom.

Babies are awesome. No need of NICU. Boy is under observation due to true knot. That happens one in 2000 pregnancies.

In few hours I was in the ward. So were the babies. They slept. I waited. Everyone rejoiced.

Till the day ended -- they slept. I waited. Everyone rejoiced.

Its 4 weeks now. Shelly and Missy arrived in style. Are now kicking our sleep out.

No NICU. No latching problems. Herez to the brave baby bonds :)

Amma & Appa are proud of you. Already! !!

Letter Four

Dearest Shelly and missy, 

By next letter you would have a name. Application name I promise, is as short as possible and will not irk you guys for any documentation purposes. But then you know (will know soon) how sick people at the government offices are. 

They just don't get the concept of twins and even if they do they do not realise twins can be a boy and a girl, not always boy boy or girl girl combo. So be very careful while dealing with any documentation work that involves both of you *at the same time*. Revise your applications and re-revise what comes in as result of the application from any organisation.

But no matter what you guys will always be Missy and Shelly to amma. 

Watching you two hold hands and smile, I don't know if its just "motherly aww" moments but its so cute. 

It breaks my heart to separate you two; first to different rooms and soon to different homes. But, trust me its good for all of us .

P.S: request you, missy to quickly *learn* to pose ;)

Shelly, you are the dude already :-*