22 Nov 2013

Letter Four

Dearest Shelly and missy, 

By next letter you would have a name. Application name I promise, is as short as possible and will not irk you guys for any documentation purposes. But then you know (will know soon) how sick people at the government offices are. 

They just don't get the concept of twins and even if they do they do not realise twins can be a boy and a girl, not always boy boy or girl girl combo. So be very careful while dealing with any documentation work that involves both of you *at the same time*. Revise your applications and re-revise what comes in as result of the application from any organisation.

But no matter what you guys will always be Missy and Shelly to amma. 

Watching you two hold hands and smile, I don't know if its just "motherly aww" moments but its so cute. 

It breaks my heart to separate you two; first to different rooms and soon to different homes. But, trust me its good for all of us .

P.S: request you, missy to quickly *learn* to pose ;)

Shelly, you are the dude already :-*