26 Nov 2013

Letter one.

Dear Shelly & Missy,

Its been a month already; here is what you need to know. About people, the very basics of life.

1. Everyone who came visiting you two, are NOT genuine good people. Believe all; but trust few.

2. Hear everything people offer you - advices and suggestions. Listen only if you feel it makes sense.

3. Adjustment. Compromise. Are two sides of the same coin. They are valuable. But if its at the stake of your happiness, its ok to lose the coin.

These people need no introductions; Nani & Nanu, Ajji & thatha, Chikki, Dodappa & Dodamma, both your akkas & your muthatha. Always respect them.

There is one more special person im introducing you, she is mom's good luck charm. Who with her smile brightens gloomy mood. Sia.

I cant feed you guys cake, so the same has been gobbled. In few hours the milk is gonna be sweet. (Appa's logic)

Amma & Appa


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