25 Dec 2013

Letter Two.

Dear Jeshtputr Shelly,

You are keeping up with big bro status very well. For a week when Missy was sick, you threw no tantrums and let amma and appa with her all the time.

You also made sure you drank right with naani and made no fuss. So that amma worried less and focused on sister dearest.

We all thought you'd cry like crazy after the vaccination. Bingo. You showed us how brave you are. Again let amma console 'in too much pain sister'.

Thank you. For being the bravest, when stupid amma mistook Oral thrush anti-fungal mouth paint to eye drops. Trust me, those 45secs were the longest and scariest seconds of my life.

Muah on your chubby cheeks,

Dear apple-of-my-eyes Missy,

Phew. Whattay month. No reason vomiting. Converted into no infection but diarrhea. First dose of antibiotics and probiotics. Stopping formula feed. On soya milk. Abdominal scan. Stool tests. Urine tests. Results normal and reason not known.

You did not show a single sign of irritation. While amma changed diapers every 5 mins, appa bottle fed with a hope that next few hours you'll be ok.

Amma, appa and Bratashri love you loads. Keep flashing that lovely smile of yours at life, just like you did during the abdominal scan at the radiologist.

Muah on your lovely eyes,