29 Oct 2014

Letter 12

From kissing you both for the first time, and feeling my lips touched cotton balls to teaching you both how to kiss, 365 days have been survived. Lived less survived more – let me be very honest. You both were expected to walk by now, but haven’t. You both were expected to speak “two to three words” by now, Shelly has, but Missy hasn’t.
I have to tell you both a life changing mantra, people tend to compare, that is their birth right, and they will compare everything – under wears to foot wears. The only thing they cannot compare would probably be your life partners!!! There will be temptation to slap people at times, for all the shit they speak, but trust me don’t – instead use the shawl method. Sarcasm is something I want you both to be punters with such people.
Missy has her way of saying NO to food, once she is full. But Shelly doesn’t, and he is like JOEY, never shares his food. As long as you both are not fussy, I am happy with your habits. The testing time starts now; a year is when every kind of food is allowed and I am not sure how it will be taken. Me and appa love experimenting with food during our travel, if you can’t just don’t be fussy that’s all.
I want you both to start nursery now but your father is not agreeing; let them play he says. I want you guys to start playing with kids – of your own age. You have each other but you should have friends too.
However no matter what – 
ಮನೆಯೇ ಮೊದಲ ಪಾಠಶಾಲೆ 
ತಾಯಿಯೇ ಮೊದಲ ಗುರು 
ಟ್ವಿನ್ ಸಿಬ್ಲಿನ್ಗೇ ಮೊದಲ ಬೆಸ್ಟ್ ಫ್ರೇಂಡ್
I don’t know what is in store for all of us the coming year, but I know one thing for sure, come what may amma will always take it in right spirits and will make sure you both will do so too.
If you’d ask me how the year has been below is my answer

About the Big Day – Bonds Birthday

Energy spent in having you two in the tummy, delivering and bringing you both up together for 365 days <<< Energy spent in organizing the first birthday party. While I type this, my left arm aches, all thanks to having kumara kanteerava in my arms whole time at the party.
I learnt one most important thing in this event – when you are making the list of invitees, jolt down people who satisfy this criteria 
1.       Who would come no matter what, and if they cannot apologize when you invite them upfront.
2.       Who would not just attend but stay back for the event to begin/end!
3.       Who would wait for the crowd to lessen and then ask for a click; unlike the ones where you have to invite persuade them to have a photo with you!
4.       Most importantly, who would be OK if you invite them over phone!
In case your friends do not meet any of the criteria – you need to revamp your friends’ settings in life. Do that before it’s too late.
All the stuff me and appa did (pre-event), I have tried to capture them on the FB events page for memories; I am not sure of FB would exist by the time your kids have questions but if there would be close down, I’d make sure these are saved somewhere else too.
I have two lovely memories of the event –
·         Both of you saw the crowd and started to cry, I lighted the candle, there was happy birthday music and cake feeding time – Bingo, so happy eating the cake. Not settling for less, both of you wanted an entire piece of cake – not just from one person but from everyone who fed. Didn’t care about the crowd, or the balloons or the gifts but cake, yes!!!
·         Tired Missy slept on appa’s shoulders while we still on stage and Shelly, you were waking her up by touching her eyes; Ha, how cute was that
& lovely bacchas, it rained the moment you were born last year, this year too it rained. Blessing, it’s a blessing.
Thanks for the click Sangeetha Shreekar

Thanks for this Vidu

Happy Birthday Bonds – Have a lovely life ahead

20 Oct 2014

Letter Eleven

This post is very late; plus I'm very busy with the birthday plans. But, but - babies this pic speaks volumes of my emotions right now.

I thought it is very difficult for you both staying together in my womb (space constraint and all that) but nature does it all. It is us, with issues. We learn nonsense. We choose not to adjust. It is we who come up with "independent" concept and ruin it all for lovely "relationships"

I can't say all this won't hit you, it will. I will only pray at the end of day you both will always get back to each other, let one of you make that effort to resolve every fight and dispute and let there be bonding - like that in the womb. 

8 Sept 2014

Private India by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi

About the Book:-

When a series of seemingly unconnected murders rock the city of Mumbai with the macabre rituals and artefacts found around the corpses, Private India, a leading investigation agency takes the case. Santosh Wagh, the head of the organization, has only one mission. He needs to stop the killers before they strike again. However, in a city of over 13 million people, he finds that the clock is ticking too fast. He finds himself pitted against underworld dons and a Godman who isn't what he seems. However, the worst is yet to come and Private India itself may be threatened with a revelation that could destroy the entire organization.

My View:

The only reading I have been doing since last 10 months is “this week your baby” sorts, sometimes “how to make sure the dad takes equal care of the babies” articles. Being a fan of James Patterson and his women murder club series, I never hesitated to be part of review program (yeah that’s right, I cannot go out shopping books with Shelly and Missy around)


The plot is engaging, gripping – true but it also gets boring at times. I am so bored of these authors including current affairs just to fill in pages; if it’s Mumbai then terrorism and if it’s Delhi the Nirbhaya episode. This is fine if it’s needed as part of storytelling otherwise it just bores the crap. I am certainly not a grammar nazi but this one is very funny, few places I had to re-read because I hardly understood what was being said. I also felt that there was sex, because it was needed for the sales.


This will make you dance, like any other crime thriller. Nothing like any shocking/surprising discovery in this plot to me; thrillers according to me should not let the reader blink an eye, assuming when you miss a hint, a clue or when there is something important mentioned and that is disappeared. This one makes you blink eyes, way too much, with thoughts “Is this even James featuring in this?” Oh I should not miss talking about the dots that I often was unable to connect, that I had to go back and read the same to make the connection. You cannot keep the book down but that is because you don’t want to stop the thriller mid-way.

This one is surely a feast if you love Mumbai; I don’t so the locations too did not interest me that much. The best part of the killing is the usage of “yellow scarf” to strangle; why not red or blue, why yellow was my first doubt rather than who is it? I was also amused by the way they explained technologies used at Private India, the agency – full on CID feel I got. Character of Nisha reminded me of that curly hair chick in CID – Dr. Tharika (khikhikhi) on whom Abhijeet is head over heels.


Not sure if my choices after being a mom have changed, but person who enjoys any sort of thriller (the crappy ones too) did not like this. James ji, wrong choice of entering Indian market; one more book like this and I am sure many of your loyal fans will lose interest over women murder club series books also. I often wonder how a book when co-authored changes the entire perspective when the same book written by a single author. I am sure there will be disputes, irking situations and things like that which will make people take silly decisions to keep the contract intact thereby losing the plot.


This thriller is very simple, a lazy weekend read over a cup of hot coffee. Not to be picked for travelling or other important time killing purpose read.




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26 Aug 2014

Letter 10

Mudhu Gundu and Puttu Kandha

This letter comes on time. Not because I am free and have no work, because a delay of 24hours and I wonder what milestones you guys achieve. I don’t want to mix things.

Technically this is that phase which all the uncles/auntie keeps talking about– tamma kaal mele taave ninthkobeku. Well literally you guys are doing that now and my heart skips a beat every time wondering what if you fall down. It will take some time to understand that falling is ok, and what really matters is how you manage to get up (too much for this age I know, but beleyuva pairu molakeyalli)

This one of Missy -- http://instagram.com/p/sJUL2Tnjqk/

I never worried about the delay in your first tooth, then itchy gums and teether/soothers hardly helped. You managed to sneak your fingers in, and I quit making an effort to stop that. But Grandpa makes sure your hands are washed often. Like Rekha Das who washes mukyamantri Chandrus feet in that movie, Shelly has the maid running behind him with bowl and water. Missy hardly cares about all this discipline nonsense.

Shelly baby you have two teeth in upper jaw sporting out and Missy beta you have two in lower jaw, all shaped up to pop up.

Missy loves to clap and Shelly Shake hands. Shelly is a listener and Missy a rebel.

The best scene of this month is both of you watching some random uncle eating prasada at Banshankri temple and shouting at him to give you the plate 😜😜 ,  I'm sure he won't forget you both 😁

And finally this one for this month [there is a pic that your naani wanted to click as mandatory, :-) ]

12 Aug 2014

Sandalwood Shettru mattu Samachara

Tuglak ge irlilla luck. Simple-aag ondh love story success simple aag irlilla. Ulidavaru kandante na yellaru tam tam version nalli kandaru, kelavaru yay andru kelavaru moogu muridaru. But adene aagli, nam Udupi Shettru Sandalwood ge lagge itirodantu nija, monne taane Switzerland inda Bhatru sets nalli shooting mugskondu banda Rakshit Shetty, ondu bindaas interview kotru.

K: Sandalwood says instead of “Ulidavara Kandanthe” you should have named it “Shettru Kandanthe”, nimma abhipraaya?

Hero: Ha ha. Who says that? Well I never planned it that way. In fact when I realized that there were too many Shetty's on board, I consciously tried not to take anymore, but again wouldn't that be wrong? Rishab was there with me since my Tuglak days. He was the only one who stood by me when Tuglak failed. We have been best friends ever since. So he was already on board even before I penned Ulidavaru Kandante. He helped me with Kunda Kannada while translating the English script to Kannada and hence he was a part of the Direction team as well. 
Yajna and Sheetal were not the first ones I reached out to for their respective roles. I had approached many other artists for those roles but it dint workout for multiple reasons. During our Pre Production in Udupi, while we were desperately searching for both the female leads, a local channel played a pirated copy of Yeddelu Manjunatha and then it struck us. It couldn't have been better we thought and tried contacting Yajna who was more than happy to play Kishore Sir's love interest and hence we pulled her in. But we couldn't find anyone who could play Regina until we actually started shooting. I had planned to shoot Regina's portion in the end. I was looking for someone who fits in to the character and could also speak Kannada perfectly because we were shooting with Sync Sound. 
One day after shoot, when we reached our apartment, we happened to switch on the TV and there she was, reading her daily bulletin on TV9. That was the first time I saw Sheetal and I din't even know she was a Shetty. When I called Suni, he told me that she was a Shetty as well. You see it was fate. Suni approached her the next day along with the script and she came on board as well. Rest of the star cast went through audition before getting selected, including our own Democracy, Suhan Shetty :-P 

K: If SOLS wouldn’t have been a hit, would you still go ahead and make “Ulidavaru Kandanthe”, if yes how and if no why?

Hero: I had written Ulidavaru Kandante even before I got an offer for SOLS. I was in search of a producer when Suni approached me for SOLS and it was a script which I couldn't say no to. So I thought Ulidavaru Kandante can wait for a while. Success of SOLS gave me an opportunity to make Ulidavaru Kandante at the right time with the right budget. If SOLS had failed at the box office, then may be my search for a producer would have continued unless I came across another script which excited me as an actor. If not, I would have followed Pawan's path of crowdsourcing funds  to make Ulidavaru Kandante within a smaller budget. I had done that earlier for two of my short films. I knew actors and Technicians who would work for free. I knew studios who would back me up too like they did for one of my short film. I knew a lot of them who believed in me. So I wanted money only for the production which I would collect from people. But then the movie would definitely not look like the way it looks now. 

K: Techie, Actor, Director, Audience – arrange in ascending order of your preferred roles in life

Hero: Actor, Director, Audience, Techie.

K:  “Script different ide”, “I play a different character”, “The role is close to my heart” bittu how do you choose your movies? Or do they just happen? 

Hero: Firstly I should like the script and the character I play. Then the Director. Then the Production and then the team as in the Music Director, Cinematographer and other technitions. If these things are in place, I am game. I think it is as simple as that. I choose the best among what comes to me.

K: Next Directorial scripts ready ide anta gothaitu? At least the concept? Ondu line nalli jhalak please?

Hero: Its gonna be a pre independence fictional story surrounded by real incidents from history set in R. K. Narayan's fictional village Malgudi. Its gonna be about the thugs. Its gonna be shoot shoot bang bang. I call it 'Thugs of Malgudi' :-)

Answers yella Vastu-Prakaara ide, nimge ishta aagidre good else shoot madbekagute!!!

6 Aug 2014


If your first movie is a hit, people just expect in extremes from the director. The baseline of excellence is already set; you have to be in par with the first one, if not more. This is exactly what was on shoulders of Suni, when he announced Bahuparaak.

I often wondered, how a production house can make two movies simultaneously, and this part has done damage to both the flicks. For UK, the damage was in form of publicity, and for Bahuparaak in terms of Budget.
Yenappa bari negative heltidaale ankobedi, let me tell you what I expected and what I got; This is not a movie for entertainment purpose, it’s an vimarshathmaka movie. That gets you thinking about the kind of life each one of us is living, about birth life and death and everything that happens as part of it.

Manas, Mani and Mouni, three stages of Kitty’s life in the movie conveying each phase has its own merits and demerits, the colors used when Manas in on screen is vibrant, when Mani is on screen the aspects are violent (actually not so) and Mouni is a revolutionary (this the best aspect of the movie). The moment these characters were introduced it was easy guessing that they are same people and the events are linked.

For me Kitty as Manas for very artificial, Kitty has over done his part and actress has nothing much to offer in the role at all. She has done justice to whatever small leverage existed. Mani part was fine, but stretched beyond compare; this was the dragging part for me. Then I realized that the drag was not the story but the music, BJ Bharath was not able to hold me or the audience hooked to seats with background score.

The most positive part of the movie and that makes you agree Kitty is indeed hero material is Mouni. The lingo, the cinematography, the locations and the lady who plays his wife are uber awesome. I was totally mesmerized whenever Mouni was on screen, sheer brilliance this part but unfortunately the bits are too low.

The audiences for this movie were same as from the SOLS, that is the unlucky part for Suni. This age group that falls under Manas category will not understand Mani or the Mouni part, they need colors and enthusiasm and fun and all that jazz. They also want foot tapping or eye closing type of music. And the music part from Mouni part was the only “yay” for me, baaki dull. Manohar Joshi has done excellent job, its visible in all the frames.

Dear Suni, it takes a lot of guts to make a swamake, agreed and as you say “prayogakke saavuntu prayatnakalla”, but nan request “marali prayogava prayatna maadi because sotirodu kathe, movie alla and most importantly neevalla”.

Letter Nine

So babies, how does it feel not to have hair on your head? Shelly, I am sure you would be all “say whattt?” Missy you must be missing them.  You were the one who reacted to “look who is in the mirror” question. Loved your initial “WTH” look, then trying things to confirm it’s you and finally, giggling and accepting who you are. Stay the same love, tomorrow you might be fat, or lose hair, or even get tanned, but then care a damn of people and their opinions. Until these changes are not affecting your health, chuck them!!!
Shelly, what a fun loving child you have turned to be since last month. One interesting event that happened and shocked us was how you imitated Missy and her coughing. I didn’t realize for a long time and wondered why the boy is giggling so much. Too bad we couldn’t capture that moment; nevertheless this one is for keeps - http://instagram.com/p/quGWs-njma/
And what is with your kitchen obsession boy? We leave you by yourself at any part of the house and you have to go to kitchen only? One thindi potha you are, but the ways you enjoy eating, so adorable. Relish what you eat, don’t just eat (appa is a better cook than me :P ) Kapish?
Missy, mera brave baccha, remember those initial months when I had so much negativity about you not being the poser. I was so wrong beta, so so wrong. The day before your head shaving, we got a photographer home, coz we couldn’t handle so much cuteness to take pics. And phew, you posed like a pro and didn’t stop. You let me change costumes five times, yet did not throw any tantrum. You actually got the photographer tired. This is good news. Anna knows to take selfies, you know to pose and appa, is trained in taking photos; such a happy family this :D
Also you proved that “Henmakkale strong guru”, during the mudi. Appana bevaru ildoitu magale. You kicked the barber, that he took his initial words back that holding leg is not necessary.
Finally the most important event, everyone wanted me to dress you as Radha along with Krishna costume for Shelly, but I said no. Who says girls cannot be Krishna? I am sure the pic tell a different story. And both of you, crawling around, enough of being on knees, cannot wait for you to stand on your legs. Run around and tire me, amma loves you both.

22 Jul 2014

Simple-aag ondh interview

Last year Sandalwood mandhi ge yadhwa tadhwa hope kotta nam Simple Suni, second directorial movie ee Friday release agtide. Srinagara Kitty abhinayada “Bahuparaak” super hopes ittu theatres ge lagge idtide… Nam director sahebru na hego catch haakond ondu small interview nimmelligoskara…

K: Suvin andrenu?

Suni: SUni…naanu.. VIjayalakshmi amma… Narasimhaiah namappa… Apparently SuViN. Suvin, Mundhe nangutto magu hesaru kooda.

K: SOLS ginta munche Suni yen madtidhru?

Suni: Direction before mathu eegalu yella reethiya kelasagalannu enjoy maaduttale iruttane. Medical rep, Insurance agent, loan recovery and most importantly Dinesh baboo ravra hattira Asst director aagi kelasa maaduttidde

K: Kittanna Shivanna adhmel inyaranna?

Suni: No plans at all

K: Niv yaak camera mundhe barbardu?

Suni: Off aadaga Camera mundhene admiring. .on iddaga camera alli kaanisodna camera hinde ninthu nododhu chendha

K: Foreign location item songs bagge nim anisike

Suni: Katege agthyaviddare nude scenes kooda kalaatmakavaagiruutte. ..extra annisidare tajmahal kooda ..gori yaagibidutte

K: Suni innu single aa? Athva hrudayada aragini idaala?

Suni: Obbru vishesha gunavulla ..sarala soundaryvathi iddare ..gowdru hudugi ..but hesaru helangilla

Interview “Manamohaka”-vaagita? Sari mathe “Bahuparaak” anbidi!!!

7 Jul 2014

No country for flawed women

In the recent trip all I could hear was "how I cannot do things", "how impossible it will be" going visually, that is too much weight. I wondered how much people are judged on flaws (something out of control) like height weight complexion. I'm sure no one wanted to be fat or short or dark or having too much acne. Or even if they are with flaws, they are happy but the world isn't People have problems and some are out of their control. How difficult is to accept that? Rather than saying "hey you have no stamina so why don’t you stay out of the game". At times like this I want to shout “No ass I have the stamina in the mind and the body will obey”, but won’t. Because how can a guy understand the amount of pain enduring a baby, well in my case babies?
No it is not possible to be in pre-pregnancy shape, and I don’t even want that. I am happy with the stretch marks; for those marks tell me the number of times I have puked, number of times I was pricked, number of times I had mood swings and the number of times I felt I collapsed.
At least weight is not an issue, somehow can be shed, if not soon but slowly. But think about all the jokes short or dark people have to face. They can’t even do anything about it. Having fun is ok but judging is not. When Neetu in big boss 2 spoke about her issue, I actually got 5 messages saying they could hear me out in her words.
My weight doesn’t stop me from dancing or running or anything that a normal person can do. I have that zeal towards life. I want lose weight, yes; because I want to be healthier and certainly not because someone is judging me or is not happy by my looks. I have learnt to laugh, sometimes stare and most of times a harsh reply to all the mockers but always wonder how it must be for people who cannot give back on the jokes, how bad it must be for their confidence. It’s true. This is “No country for flawed women”.

3 Jul 2014

Letter Eight

Hola Babies,
I know this letter arrives a little (well actually very) late. No, you both are not to be blamed about this. Amma is doing too much masti and new assignment this month which is exactly why she is late. While we are at it, I want to tell you both that “masti is good”, but then do let either amma or appa know about it; till you are 18. & later too please tell amma (psstttt appa is reading this)
I see both of you in the night, wetting your diaper just once off late, for which nani says “they are growing up”. OK that line actually scares the shit out of me. On a positive side, we don’t have to change diapers and disturb you often, so yeah good work on the bladder control. Continue to do so.
They are twins and they are different individuals, appa used to tell me. Now I can actually see that, Shelly my boy you like dose (yes always remember its dose and not dosa) my pretty girl Missy likes idly (Aunt Sam will have her way of making fun of amma’s idly and not idli) but both of you like it dipping in ghee. Shelly likes apple and Missy papaya.
Btw the womb hair is just for this month ha! Next month both of you will be taklu bacchas. I have an idea about how you Shelly would look coz you were Taks :P and I have no idea how papa’s princess would look. If given an option I would get this done after your birthday but apparently it’s now or after 2 years. So on your birthday you both will be porcupine type haired (blame it on appa).
And this pic of both of you is my favorite this month. Because you are on your own!!!

19 Jun 2014

Storm. It's ahead.

I always cribbed about “not able to use my creativity” in the current job. I mean the most creativity for a techie is on the cubicle board and in my case the hosting of events for office. With Shelly and Missy around, I am expecting my creativity to not just put to use but “drain out”

You may ask why? Here’s why

As of now, both of them need different ways to keep them entertained. The kind of entertainment boy likes, the girl hates. The ones she likes, Shelly dozes off. It’s not gender thing, but every baby gets amused differently. So finding out “that reason” and keeping them happy is a catch!!!

Let’s fast forward few years when the babies err kids start schooling. Considering contests, I mean competitions like “Fancy Dress”, “story Telling”, “Project work” it will be twice the amount of creative thinking at the same time. Obviously both of them will want to participate and I cannot deny them (please don’t get me started with oh the father cannot handle this aspect). You might say this would be same if there were two kids, but swalpa use your brains; no not the same, Missy will be competing against Shelly, and Shelly against Missy. Can you imagine what tension this is for the mother? Can you?

When there are things that involve “gender” I am somewhat saved, otherwise this is too much to handle. With so much anticipation on the creative front, I really didn’t want to be stressed on whose underwear is this and whom did I make it wear. No, that is the last thing on my plate right now. Ufff

Anyways, while I prepare myself to the battle, yaradru babysit maadrappa.


26 May 2014

Letter Seven.

 Voila Bonds,

Winter passed. So did summer. It's almost rainy season and both of you are raining "cuddle me like now yells". I have shown you both how to be warm to the cold hearted And to be cool to the pissed souls, last two seasons. Mom will also teach you to look out for shelter during a heavy downpour and most importantly to get drenched coming few months.

Most awaited ear piercing completed and look at you two, awwwmax. 

From your first long drive together and boy-o-boy how much naTakas you both did. Phew. Amma lost her patience, granny lost 2kgs and appa his hair in this process. & yeah you held hands :')

This one is from the trip to "mane devaru", look how proud your ajja and ajji are. This is supposed to be officially your first trip outside, but Amma is a rebel when it is about stupid illogical customs. You both too be rebel, when someone offers you crap logic and theories. Always do what is right, but make sure your "right" does not wrong anyone. 

ION everyone are saying ki acche din aanewaale hai, but actually monsoon aanewaala hai, so brace yourself for all the thunder lightning and be very brave. 

Finally, eat your ragi and akki ganji, coz I ain't getting any cerelac for you both. Also love apple, not because it keeps doctors away but coz it's available in all seasons. 

28 Apr 2014

Letter Six

Dearest K1 & K2,

Last Friday you babies completed 6 months. The Friday 6 months prior, I didn’t even have you in my arms yet. Like I always say, I can never come up with “how time flies I never know”, coz I exactly know how time flew. Maintaining both of you, structuring my time so that both of you have equal share of my hugs amidst work chaos, I know how time flew.
Both of you started Ragi this month and *somehow* continue to slurp it on without any tantrums. Whether you like it or not, I still am not able to make out but babies always remember no matter what, never waste food. Not just because there is someone in the world not having food to eat but also because someone has put their time & love in making that food served. So relish and not just eat. Never waste.
I have finally decided to make you guys wear similar clothing; errr just for the feel; hoping that it turns out a good session for you both to laugh along with your kids.
Majorly, this month marked us taking you both out together; and boy-o-boy what an occasion it was, to caste our vote. I loved the fact that both of you behaved like you are pro amidst too many people. Thank you for making it very simple for amma and appa. Remember, voting is not “your right”, but is your responsibility. May you both acquire all the “positive attention seeking” abilities that amma has, staying back stage like appa is boring J kapish?
Keep flaunting the uber cool dimples you both; and amma will not miss an opportunity to capture them.

7 Apr 2014

Ulidavaru Kandanthe

The day Rakshit declared on twitter about making Ulidavaru Kandanthe, I thought “star frenzy” had hit him bad; after success of SOLS and being on epitome of form as an actor, which fool would venture into direction. Rakshit has done it in style and silenced many people like me with his debut venture, how? Read on…
UK is stylish. Not with the costumes or uber cool studio sets but with frames; no one has actually dared retro style in the Sandalwood industry, Rakshit does. One can shoot anywhere and anyhow in Kodagu and the outcome will always be brilliant. But shooting in Dakshina Kannada, and commemorate the culture has to take sheer brilliance. Most of the earlier movies based out in Dakshina Kannada are often modified to woo the uncontrollable “Ghatta” crowd. Rakshit doesn’t, I guess being from the region one can actually see DK from director’s perspective. Tiger Dance, Yakshagana and the port scenes speak the culture, loud and clear.
UK does not have a story. It is “you, the audience” who can create a story, with perspectives of course. You are your own Sherlock here, except you are finding the reason behind the murder and not the culprit. Rarely does a move make you think, use your brains, stay locked to your seat and venture to get a popcorn refill, because once you are out, the story has nothing to offer. Your perspectives also will let you know how much you value relations, and their complexities. For example, you might find Rishab Shetty a cool dude, who wouldn’t have done xyz task, but someone else would find him the person behind the mishap. It’s how you think that matters. Akira Kurosawa, would be happy, if not proud.
UK has Ajaneesh Loknath. I am in love with the background score than the numbers. For every scene that “everyone” is complaining about being slow, Ajaneesh pitches in. Chapter two when Tara meets Rishab, everything about it is “slow” but the background score makes it so beautiful. That is exactly how a mom feels, when she meets her child. Be it 15 years or 15hours (in my case) If not for his music, I guess the chapter would not have any hold in the plot because it hardly adds to the narration.
I loved Sheetal as a narrator and not as journalist actor. I guess this is where Parvati Menon would have done an awesome job. But then, I loved the scenes involving Richi and Regina, a touch of flirting, loads of naughtiness and a pinch of love sorts of chemistry – very cute. What is much cuter is “Democracy”, balancing the entire set of characters single handedly in the plot.
Kudos to Sachin for his editing and for having the same perspective as that of Rakshit. Because understanding what the director wants to be narrated as part of editing is a touch job. Karm Chawla weaves magic on screen with his cinematography, special mention of him too.
Of course there are things that make UK a little complicated for the audience and the first one would be “too much usage of English” by characters (especially Richi) considering that the child was in remand for many years, the English is too hep for the audience.  Tulu is understandable but English is not. Subtitles had to be there from the day the movie was released, unfortunately not and this was quite a turn off for that section of audiences who are watching every scene but cannot understand the tulu and thereby losing few bits in the plot. This part of audience would not watch the move again. Cuban guy story is overly stretched by Rakshit in his chapter. I almost felt like saying “mundhak heL guru”. Achyuth Kumar and his talent of “learning & speaking Kundapura Kannada” should have been exploited more; I felt his part of chapter very short. I did not find Rishab shetty appealing to the character at all.
The chapter concept gives a “continuous” feel for UK, however it is not. The numbers chapters are from narration perspective but as a story it is “one”, this is too much for the audience to understand. Instead of numbering them, just naming them would have been a better approach.
And Richi – oh so good the entire 160 minutes. Making me fall in love with him, again and again. Bodaaa Sheera :- )
Two things out of this movie – Director Rakshit >>>>>> Actor Rakshit. Industry can have many actors but industry wants directors, hoping Rakshit would do wonders in coming years to Sandalwood. When I reviewed SOLS, even with biased frame of mind I appreciated Suni more than Rakshit, because for a movie to do well, it is definitely the director who has to hit the right chord. In Ulidavaru Kandanthe Rakshit has hit all the right chords; UK is not a suspense-thriller movie, but celebration – of Dakshina Kannada, the characters, their fates all entangled together in the name of perspectives.

25 Mar 2014

Letter Five

Dearest Kanva & Kshema,

Sigh. I am writing this with a heavy heart. I separated you both for good, is what I thought. Two days back when you both met after 3 weeks, the spark in your eyes, makes me want to ask sorry.

This is all Amma could do. You are safe with your grannies and that makes me feel very safe too. 

When with Missy I miss you beta Shelly and when with Shelly I want to see you Missy. If only there was a solution babies. If only. I promise to travel 30kms daily to be with both of you for whatever small time possible.

Ultimately Shelly is growing up watching star plus and Missy watching eTV. All in all its saas bahu athe sose dramas. Till you start chota bheem and yada yada cartoons enjoy the bakwaas.

This is my favorite pic of you both of late. Loads to learn from you two. I promise to learn fast.

Loads of love,

15 Mar 2014

Columbia Asia Mysore - do not enter

10 reasons why you should *not* choose health care at Columbia Asia, Mysore.

Please note that the patient was not adult but 4 months old baby.

1. You pay for diamonds and get stones in return 

The room that we opted was single room with AC that costs close to 4500 per day.  This does not have oven in case of boiling water. Agree that hospital has their own rules but when asked hot water was not provided too

The AC was not functioning properly and when temperature was lowered fool smell entered room. Every tucking time.

Main light was not in working condition and when asked was replaced during the stay instead of changing room.

Isn't it obvious that before assigning a room all this has to be taken care of????

They quote cradle but for a 4 months old baby provide newborn nicu crib and did not even arrange for one. Thankfully we were permitted to get a cradle from the house.

2. Nursing services suck

They charge 550 for nursing and the only work they do is, enter data into computer at nursing station and write who is responsible to care of the room in that shift. But actually no one cares.

They did not assign a paediatric nurse for us. On top of that they refuse to cater to baby needs. They ask everything for the parents and expect not to call them for services. Quoting less staff reasons.

We finally booked a nurse full time for the night and worst being that nurse was used for other rooms due to man power shortage. 

We asked the nicu staff to provide sponge bath and no one even cared. They don't take care nor do they let us take care. After so much tantrums we were allowed to have an extra bystander coz it's baby. One brother stopped the drips flow instead of loading the box. Imagine when the baby is only on drips what the outcome is.

3. Food and security

Security don't allow food inside and food facilities deny food.

No milk so no coffee. No cups so go drink coffee at the canteen and we cannot give it in the room are few things told to us.

How can the baby be let alone???

4. Cleaning

Food plates and glasses are not cleared timely basis. The plates still ly and the next timely food arrives.

This hospital is only good for OPD where each patient is mapped to a nurse but otherwise no one cares. Everyone wears suit and roams around but no one works.

There is no accountability, no coordination and finally no one knows what is happening to the patient.

Avoid Columbia Asia Mysore and for the same money choose a better hospital. Good for your life after all 

26 Jan 2014

Letter Three.

Dear Babies,

I want to call you that more. Babies. Coz with the speed you both are growing, you wouldn't be infants. Last I knew you rarely opened your eyes. Today, you are going crazy with coos and smiles.

I certainly cannot say "how did the 3 months pass"?. Coz I know how they were. It was not about lack of sleep or feeding 24/7 but the fact that I cannot be with both of you haunts me. Momma had to choose between who needs me more logic. It was not easy, I was frustrated yes but not tired.

I have tried my hands on everything. Caretaker for day for night all the time, none worked coz I wanted the best and they offered crap.

Me, grandma along with Gauri aunty are working hard, giving the best. We 3 will continue to do so, if not anyone else.

You are 3 months old and you need to know 3 fundas

1. Never do anything that will NOT make amma proud.

2. Marry the right person, coz 90% of your happiness and sorrows depend on them. How you may ask! Only you'd know.

3. Ignore all the silly judgements against you. Serious ones that hurt your ego, give them back. By proving them wrong. Its a tight slap sorts.

P.S: for now stop putting fingers into your mouth.