26 Jan 2014

Letter Three.

Dear Babies,

I want to call you that more. Babies. Coz with the speed you both are growing, you wouldn't be infants. Last I knew you rarely opened your eyes. Today, you are going crazy with coos and smiles.

I certainly cannot say "how did the 3 months pass"?. Coz I know how they were. It was not about lack of sleep or feeding 24/7 but the fact that I cannot be with both of you haunts me. Momma had to choose between who needs me more logic. It was not easy, I was frustrated yes but not tired.

I have tried my hands on everything. Caretaker for day for night all the time, none worked coz I wanted the best and they offered crap.

Me, grandma along with Gauri aunty are working hard, giving the best. We 3 will continue to do so, if not anyone else.

You are 3 months old and you need to know 3 fundas

1. Never do anything that will NOT make amma proud.

2. Marry the right person, coz 90% of your happiness and sorrows depend on them. How you may ask! Only you'd know.

3. Ignore all the silly judgements against you. Serious ones that hurt your ego, give them back. By proving them wrong. Its a tight slap sorts.

P.S: for now stop putting fingers into your mouth.