28 Apr 2014

Letter Six

Dearest K1 & K2,

Last Friday you babies completed 6 months. The Friday 6 months prior, I didn’t even have you in my arms yet. Like I always say, I can never come up with “how time flies I never know”, coz I exactly know how time flew. Maintaining both of you, structuring my time so that both of you have equal share of my hugs amidst work chaos, I know how time flew.
Both of you started Ragi this month and *somehow* continue to slurp it on without any tantrums. Whether you like it or not, I still am not able to make out but babies always remember no matter what, never waste food. Not just because there is someone in the world not having food to eat but also because someone has put their time & love in making that food served. So relish and not just eat. Never waste.
I have finally decided to make you guys wear similar clothing; errr just for the feel; hoping that it turns out a good session for you both to laugh along with your kids.
Majorly, this month marked us taking you both out together; and boy-o-boy what an occasion it was, to caste our vote. I loved the fact that both of you behaved like you are pro amidst too many people. Thank you for making it very simple for amma and appa. Remember, voting is not “your right”, but is your responsibility. May you both acquire all the “positive attention seeking” abilities that amma has, staying back stage like appa is boring J kapish?
Keep flaunting the uber cool dimples you both; and amma will not miss an opportunity to capture them.