26 May 2014

Letter Seven.

 Voila Bonds,

Winter passed. So did summer. It's almost rainy season and both of you are raining "cuddle me like now yells". I have shown you both how to be warm to the cold hearted And to be cool to the pissed souls, last two seasons. Mom will also teach you to look out for shelter during a heavy downpour and most importantly to get drenched coming few months.

Most awaited ear piercing completed and look at you two, awwwmax. 

From your first long drive together and boy-o-boy how much naTakas you both did. Phew. Amma lost her patience, granny lost 2kgs and appa his hair in this process. & yeah you held hands :')

This one is from the trip to "mane devaru", look how proud your ajja and ajji are. This is supposed to be officially your first trip outside, but Amma is a rebel when it is about stupid illogical customs. You both too be rebel, when someone offers you crap logic and theories. Always do what is right, but make sure your "right" does not wrong anyone. 

ION everyone are saying ki acche din aanewaale hai, but actually monsoon aanewaala hai, so brace yourself for all the thunder lightning and be very brave. 

Finally, eat your ragi and akki ganji, coz I ain't getting any cerelac for you both. Also love apple, not because it keeps doctors away but coz it's available in all seasons.