19 Jun 2014

Storm. It's ahead.

I always cribbed about “not able to use my creativity” in the current job. I mean the most creativity for a techie is on the cubicle board and in my case the hosting of events for office. With Shelly and Missy around, I am expecting my creativity to not just put to use but “drain out”

You may ask why? Here’s why

As of now, both of them need different ways to keep them entertained. The kind of entertainment boy likes, the girl hates. The ones she likes, Shelly dozes off. It’s not gender thing, but every baby gets amused differently. So finding out “that reason” and keeping them happy is a catch!!!

Let’s fast forward few years when the babies err kids start schooling. Considering contests, I mean competitions like “Fancy Dress”, “story Telling”, “Project work” it will be twice the amount of creative thinking at the same time. Obviously both of them will want to participate and I cannot deny them (please don’t get me started with oh the father cannot handle this aspect). You might say this would be same if there were two kids, but swalpa use your brains; no not the same, Missy will be competing against Shelly, and Shelly against Missy. Can you imagine what tension this is for the mother? Can you?

When there are things that involve “gender” I am somewhat saved, otherwise this is too much to handle. With so much anticipation on the creative front, I really didn’t want to be stressed on whose underwear is this and whom did I make it wear. No, that is the last thing on my plate right now. Ufff

Anyways, while I prepare myself to the battle, yaradru babysit maadrappa.