3 Jul 2014

Letter Eight

Hola Babies,
I know this letter arrives a little (well actually very) late. No, you both are not to be blamed about this. Amma is doing too much masti and new assignment this month which is exactly why she is late. While we are at it, I want to tell you both that “masti is good”, but then do let either amma or appa know about it; till you are 18. & later too please tell amma (psstttt appa is reading this)
I see both of you in the night, wetting your diaper just once off late, for which nani says “they are growing up”. OK that line actually scares the shit out of me. On a positive side, we don’t have to change diapers and disturb you often, so yeah good work on the bladder control. Continue to do so.
They are twins and they are different individuals, appa used to tell me. Now I can actually see that, Shelly my boy you like dose (yes always remember its dose and not dosa) my pretty girl Missy likes idly (Aunt Sam will have her way of making fun of amma’s idly and not idli) but both of you like it dipping in ghee. Shelly likes apple and Missy papaya.
Btw the womb hair is just for this month ha! Next month both of you will be taklu bacchas. I have an idea about how you Shelly would look coz you were Taks :P and I have no idea how papa’s princess would look. If given an option I would get this done after your birthday but apparently it’s now or after 2 years. So on your birthday you both will be porcupine type haired (blame it on appa).
And this pic of both of you is my favorite this month. Because you are on your own!!!


Samarpita Sharma said...

Missy, it's idli and not idlai like you mom says. Also, keep loving the health food, baby. Your body will thank you later :-*
Shelly, if you go to the north to study, please say Dosa or no one will understand what you want to eat. Though I doubt mother India will let you go anywhere. ;-)
Love you both :-*

Prashanth M said...

We've a specific name for that porcupine type haired - 'chiguru bODa' & 'chiguru bODi' ;)