7 Jul 2014

No country for flawed women

In the recent trip all I could hear was "how I cannot do things", "how impossible it will be" going visually, that is too much weight. I wondered how much people are judged on flaws (something out of control) like height weight complexion. I'm sure no one wanted to be fat or short or dark or having too much acne. Or even if they are with flaws, they are happy but the world isn't People have problems and some are out of their control. How difficult is to accept that? Rather than saying "hey you have no stamina so why don’t you stay out of the game". At times like this I want to shout “No ass I have the stamina in the mind and the body will obey”, but won’t. Because how can a guy understand the amount of pain enduring a baby, well in my case babies?
No it is not possible to be in pre-pregnancy shape, and I don’t even want that. I am happy with the stretch marks; for those marks tell me the number of times I have puked, number of times I was pricked, number of times I had mood swings and the number of times I felt I collapsed.
At least weight is not an issue, somehow can be shed, if not soon but slowly. But think about all the jokes short or dark people have to face. They can’t even do anything about it. Having fun is ok but judging is not. When Neetu in big boss 2 spoke about her issue, I actually got 5 messages saying they could hear me out in her words.
My weight doesn’t stop me from dancing or running or anything that a normal person can do. I have that zeal towards life. I want lose weight, yes; because I want to be healthier and certainly not because someone is judging me or is not happy by my looks. I have learnt to laugh, sometimes stare and most of times a harsh reply to all the mockers but always wonder how it must be for people who cannot give back on the jokes, how bad it must be for their confidence. It’s true. This is “No country for flawed women”.


Samarpita Sharma said...

I have only learnt to go further back in my shell. So further back, it's dark now.

captain_speakin said...

If your height, weight and colour is basis of judgement and chatter, its not u who is flawed, it the people on the other side. Next time it happens smile back at them. they will hate u for it, it wont let them sleep!