6 Aug 2014


If your first movie is a hit, people just expect in extremes from the director. The baseline of excellence is already set; you have to be in par with the first one, if not more. This is exactly what was on shoulders of Suni, when he announced Bahuparaak.

I often wondered, how a production house can make two movies simultaneously, and this part has done damage to both the flicks. For UK, the damage was in form of publicity, and for Bahuparaak in terms of Budget.
Yenappa bari negative heltidaale ankobedi, let me tell you what I expected and what I got; This is not a movie for entertainment purpose, it’s an vimarshathmaka movie. That gets you thinking about the kind of life each one of us is living, about birth life and death and everything that happens as part of it.

Manas, Mani and Mouni, three stages of Kitty’s life in the movie conveying each phase has its own merits and demerits, the colors used when Manas in on screen is vibrant, when Mani is on screen the aspects are violent (actually not so) and Mouni is a revolutionary (this the best aspect of the movie). The moment these characters were introduced it was easy guessing that they are same people and the events are linked.

For me Kitty as Manas for very artificial, Kitty has over done his part and actress has nothing much to offer in the role at all. She has done justice to whatever small leverage existed. Mani part was fine, but stretched beyond compare; this was the dragging part for me. Then I realized that the drag was not the story but the music, BJ Bharath was not able to hold me or the audience hooked to seats with background score.

The most positive part of the movie and that makes you agree Kitty is indeed hero material is Mouni. The lingo, the cinematography, the locations and the lady who plays his wife are uber awesome. I was totally mesmerized whenever Mouni was on screen, sheer brilliance this part but unfortunately the bits are too low.

The audiences for this movie were same as from the SOLS, that is the unlucky part for Suni. This age group that falls under Manas category will not understand Mani or the Mouni part, they need colors and enthusiasm and fun and all that jazz. They also want foot tapping or eye closing type of music. And the music part from Mouni part was the only “yay” for me, baaki dull. Manohar Joshi has done excellent job, its visible in all the frames.

Dear Suni, it takes a lot of guts to make a swamake, agreed and as you say “prayogakke saavuntu prayatnakalla”, but nan request “marali prayogava prayatna maadi because sotirodu kathe, movie alla and most importantly neevalla”.