26 Aug 2014

Letter 10

Mudhu Gundu and Puttu Kandha

This letter comes on time. Not because I am free and have no work, because a delay of 24hours and I wonder what milestones you guys achieve. I don’t want to mix things.

Technically this is that phase which all the uncles/auntie keeps talking about– tamma kaal mele taave ninthkobeku. Well literally you guys are doing that now and my heart skips a beat every time wondering what if you fall down. It will take some time to understand that falling is ok, and what really matters is how you manage to get up (too much for this age I know, but beleyuva pairu molakeyalli)

This one of Missy -- http://instagram.com/p/sJUL2Tnjqk/

I never worried about the delay in your first tooth, then itchy gums and teether/soothers hardly helped. You managed to sneak your fingers in, and I quit making an effort to stop that. But Grandpa makes sure your hands are washed often. Like Rekha Das who washes mukyamantri Chandrus feet in that movie, Shelly has the maid running behind him with bowl and water. Missy hardly cares about all this discipline nonsense.

Shelly baby you have two teeth in upper jaw sporting out and Missy beta you have two in lower jaw, all shaped up to pop up.

Missy loves to clap and Shelly Shake hands. Shelly is a listener and Missy a rebel.

The best scene of this month is both of you watching some random uncle eating prasada at Banshankri temple and shouting at him to give you the plate 😜😜 ,  I'm sure he won't forget you both 😁

And finally this one for this month [there is a pic that your naani wanted to click as mandatory, :-) ]


Locomente said...

Interesting... Your twins look chweet! And the Kannada here and there made me happy!