6 Aug 2014

Letter Nine

So babies, how does it feel not to have hair on your head? Shelly, I am sure you would be all “say whattt?” Missy you must be missing them.  You were the one who reacted to “look who is in the mirror” question. Loved your initial “WTH” look, then trying things to confirm it’s you and finally, giggling and accepting who you are. Stay the same love, tomorrow you might be fat, or lose hair, or even get tanned, but then care a damn of people and their opinions. Until these changes are not affecting your health, chuck them!!!
Shelly, what a fun loving child you have turned to be since last month. One interesting event that happened and shocked us was how you imitated Missy and her coughing. I didn’t realize for a long time and wondered why the boy is giggling so much. Too bad we couldn’t capture that moment; nevertheless this one is for keeps - http://instagram.com/p/quGWs-njma/
And what is with your kitchen obsession boy? We leave you by yourself at any part of the house and you have to go to kitchen only? One thindi potha you are, but the ways you enjoy eating, so adorable. Relish what you eat, don’t just eat (appa is a better cook than me :P ) Kapish?
Missy, mera brave baccha, remember those initial months when I had so much negativity about you not being the poser. I was so wrong beta, so so wrong. The day before your head shaving, we got a photographer home, coz we couldn’t handle so much cuteness to take pics. And phew, you posed like a pro and didn’t stop. You let me change costumes five times, yet did not throw any tantrum. You actually got the photographer tired. This is good news. Anna knows to take selfies, you know to pose and appa, is trained in taking photos; such a happy family this :D
Also you proved that “Henmakkale strong guru”, during the mudi. Appana bevaru ildoitu magale. You kicked the barber, that he took his initial words back that holding leg is not necessary.
Finally the most important event, everyone wanted me to dress you as Radha along with Krishna costume for Shelly, but I said no. Who says girls cannot be Krishna? I am sure the pic tell a different story. And both of you, crawling around, enough of being on knees, cannot wait for you to stand on your legs. Run around and tire me, amma loves you both.