17 Jan 2015

Chutneypudi meets Cyanide - Ondu explosive interview!

Nimdondh interview bekithu. When can I? I asked. “Why not now", anta bantu uttara, nange aytu shock. Ee Shetty friends yav matter aadru ever ready irtarallappa anta.
“How about tomorrow sir, yen time”, ande and next day intervieiw maade bitte.

Interview gintha hecchaagi, adu conversation yavag aytu gotte aglila; but amazing thought process ivarge and unlike hero Rakshith, Rishab Shetty (Rishe) ge ondu churu Udupi Kannada influence illa I mean idru adanna avru thorskolodilla. Naanu nimmashte chennag Mysore Kannada matanaadaballe andru, innu single aagrio Rishab Shetty ya ondu chikka chokka *decent* interview illide

I asked Rishab, ee pic nalli iro towel lucky na anta - he laughed. Ivru nagodh jasti pa :)

K: Neevu Sandalwood ge bandaga adara mele idha opinion eeglu haage idya?
RiShe: *laughs* obviously illa. Reality ne bere Assumptions ye bere alwa? Na bandidu actor agoke but kelsa kalivaaga nan passion direction anta ansthu. So adralle diploma kooda madide.
K: Tughlaq failure aadru nim careere ge adu olley boost anta nimgansutta?
RiShe: actually no. Tughlaq nalli nan look masked aagittu. Tughluq-ginta nange ondu identity kottidu “Cyanide” . Ee movie na Tamil nalli kooda madidhwi. Kelsa kalsidhu Cyanide, but recognition kotidhu Lucia. Anantara UlidavaruKandanthe.
K: Ulidavarau Kandanthe na niv director madidhre, nim role na Sandalwood nalli bere yar madbahudu ansutte nimge?
RiShe: *laughs* *thinks a lot* nan prakara yaaru maadok agolla.
K: Rajath direct madtiro “Sipaayi” movie li nim role yenu?
RiShe: *shocked* olle research madidhira? Lucia shooting nalli naanu Rajath andhkondidhwi, ava movie madidhre naan adralli ondu role play madbeku anta, and vice-versa. Sipaayi movie nalli nandu ondu chikka role, but significant anbahudu story ge.
K: Rikki ishtu bega yaake? UK tara neevu beralu sutkotini anno fear ilwa?
Rishe: Rikki subject was ready from 2009. But kaaranantaragalinda it was not seeing reality aste; but one day I decided idanna naa made madtini anta; so here we are – Rikki by June end release agbeku I guess. Yavdakku time annodu irolla, maadle beku anta horatare aage agutte.
K: Rakshith na itkonde barda script Rikki na?
RiShe: nandu Rakhith sneha, actually snehakintha migilaada relationship namdu. Ava sothaaga naanu solodralli experience tagondidhe, so nam rapport match aytu. Rikki bardaaga, it was not Rakshith specific; but kramena avne hero anta decide maadide and adhadh nantara initial script illitanaka 11 revisions agide and by now, yes avnigaage ne bardiro character type moodi bandide

K: Fans bagge matadona, any such situation? Mob agiro types?
RiShe: Ha Ha, actually yaaru nanna recognize ye madolla. Oh Rishab alwa, UK nalli madidhralwa anta avrige flash aagoshtrallI will be out of scene. But hudgirgintha ammandiru nanna fans anbahudu; bahushaha Ulidavaru Kandanthe adhmele yellaru Rishab nanna maga anno feeling nalli idaare.

Rikki movie ge premiere passes kodtaare, alli avranna khudaagi bheti maadi ondu selfie tagdhu, Rikki ya exclusive interview maadtini anta nan plan, nam RiShe yen heltaro gothilla!!!

15 Jan 2015

#RestaurantReview - Pakva International Veg. Lounge

Colleague turned a veggie as part of the New Year resolution; not sure how many days that will last, but for now we end up looking for restaurants that cater to Veg. food only. One such find is “Pakva International Veg. Lounge”. The location isn't that known (you know one of these places that is in the main road yet masked) and it is one floor below Talwalkers gym, haha I am sure the gym instructors are keeping close eye on whether the members sneak in to this place.

Jokes apart, fell in love with the décor of the restaurant; we were there for lunch and I heard, evenings are more worthy with such lovely décor in place. It has open glass kitchen and the place is almost small version of a comic-con; and guess what I found in the arena! The menu card is at its creative best - designed by Kalyug you can have a look at it here 

I chatted with Sruthi, who is in charge of Pakva. It was a delight speaking to her, she thoroughly explained us the menu and what we must try, what we must not miss and most importantly why certain dishes had to be tasted. They do not serve alcohol and the drinks menu doesn't have much choice either; we skipped the part.

Not much option on the soups but the guys ordered “Hot and Sour” soup, but were served with “Hot and Sour manchow” soup; nevertheless, it actually tasted like authentic soup. I am not much of a fan of this soup served with very thick consistency; the one served was awesome on that aspect. Also the quantity was perfect, that didn't fill our tummy too much. Pizza menu was interesting on two varieties - Manchurian Pizza and Chocolate Pizza (the menu said that it came with Gems toppings, I mean how can I resist) but the crowd didn't want to try. We ordered, Crunchy Veg; the pizza base was fresh, soft and tender; toppings were neat. Bit burned at the edges, but that didn't hamper the taste at all. The kid in the group loved it as well.

For the starters we ordered "Schezwan Noodles spring rolls", "Baby Corn Sixty Five", "Bird's Nest" and "Fruits Tikka". The spring rolls had schezwan noodles stuffed, the noodles for me were plain (not salted spiced up) but they went good with the rolls. Baby Corn 65 was a smash hit among the crowd. Bird's Nest is an foodgasm level dish I must say; however the vermicilli sprinkled should be more crunchy and appear more roasted is our opinion. This dish looks like a bird's nest and mostly has potato stuffing; finally the fruit tikka - They serve 3 pieces of each fruits (apple, papaya, sweet potato and apple) coated and cooked in tandoor. It was a different dish however papaya on tandoor sucks. Most importantly, a quick mention on "Pineapple Burger" - it was amazing burger I have had in Mysore. Big value for money and tough competition for Downtown guy on KD road. & yes you read that right, the filling was that of pineapple but tasted million bucks. 

Al though Sruthi suggested us that "Kashmiri Naan" was more of a desert, we ordered and were sweetoofied. However the "Pakva Paneer" gravy specialty, they serve paneer stuffed in the gravy. We had to compensate all the sweetness and ordered "Dal Khichdi". 

Interestingly, they claim to be the only restaurant in Mysore to use Stone Oven for baking pizzas. More excitingly the only place which exhibits the 'Live Pizza' Counter. I was not aware about this one though! Should try this next time. 

Pakva, Temple Road, V. V. Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570002
099726 35797 - 1000 for two persons

You can like Pakva on FaceBook here.