8 Jun 2015

Letter 13 - Shelly at school

Dear Shelly,

When I decided to admit you to pre-school earlier this year, everyone yelled at me; “It’s too early”, they said and as usual I went against all of them. I did not do an extensive research on choosing the right play-school; there were hardly any choices, and bingo admission was done.  

It didn’t strike to me when I labelled your name on all your school properties, the bag, water bottle, lunch box, cap and even the slippers (papli is my favorite word). I was prepared for today, had everything handy for the separation tantrums, but surprise, the way you entered your class (totally silence before the storm situation) who’d say it was your first day at school, away from home.
Your grandma cried and how; cursed me why I had to put you to school so early. We were asked to pick you up by 11am.

An hour later ajji received a call from the school asking us to pick you up because of uncontrollable crying and not taking breakfast. The class teacher told me that you ran all over the place trying to find a way to get out of the school; was least interested in the toys provided and gave a damn about cartoons on television while all these successfully soothed your classmates.

I expected you to cry or get excited when you saw post an hour, nah! No luck here too. You were in my arms from the aaya and said bye to everyone at school. Always expect the unexpected, wondering if this should be my mantra.

This was about your first day at school and the biggest positive from today is that you like to wear your school bag which till yesterday was a nightmare. God bless your Bhagya ma’am.



Funny update on Day2: Shelly snatched lunch boxes from his classmates during snack-break and put them in their respective bags, I don't want food nor should you guys have food logic.