15 Jun 2015

Letter 14 - Missy at school

Dear Missy,

I had no doubts admitting you to school, you don’t have a full time nanny unlike your bro, nor are you the only apple of your grandmother’s eye; the love and the attention and most importantly the diligent baby-sitting often gets affected for reasons that are worth not quoting here.

You are a well behaved child, you understand when I say no and you very well know what irritates me, I had to convince your appa quite a lot for the admission. Those were the days when we thought we had to take you to speech and hearing because shelly was talking so much, but you hardly uttered a word; your biggest strength is your expression and boy, you convey that in style.

You were supposed to be joining school last Monday but thanks to unnecessary illness (yeah, one of the reasons not worth mentioning), the labeling on all your school properties, the bag, water bottle, lunch box, cap and slippers were done a week back, I had to re-check. I set the clothes and instructed appa, click a pic once you get her ready. Obviously he didn’t, and while I was busy handling your bro’s tantrums, received an update from your dad who stood outside school for two hours that you reached your class, happily spending time with ajji.

One of the parents has to stay with the child for the first few days - a rule and Ajji it was. I heard that you played with the kids, ate your snack box and asked for appa just once. That’s quite a feat for the first day in school my love.

I am hoping you will enjoy the time outside home baby, just like me. I can’t wait to listen to your tales from school, soon soon!




Arundhati said...

Such a doting father! Waited for 2 hours outside her school. Hope she enjoys this new phase of her life. Though both of them together would have been so perfect for them!