23 Oct 2016

Movie Review: Rama Rama Re

Please.. Banrappa theater-ge…

Enjoy their extraordinary journey and experience an emotional ride by travelling to the theaters now!

Janana, Marana – The philosophy behind the Birth and Death explained in an emotional journey polished with right humour, that’s the movie in nutshell. The way Satyaprakash has narrated this simple concept is beyond words; I agree with the lag in the first half but the second half makes you forget that bit. The characters and the actors have given everything to make it look real and the haunting background score, is out of the world. Also many plots tangled as a single plot kinda movies are doing well?! 

The treatment given to the feel of Movie is fab, visually amazing experience illa andaga story is very important which is the strong point of the movie. Preparing for the role has been mastered by Sandalwood And Dharma, what an amazing find to the industry. KeLi Prekshakare...suthradaari-ya kelasakke neevu paathradaarigalagi please banrappa theater-ge!

Three years to make a two hours movie – imagine the amount of precision that has gone in the making? I am sure that the film will bag many awards, but what such movies deserve is your ticket in the theater – so that more people make that effort to showcase stories that aren’t in the ‘maLe-macchu-hucchu-remake’ genres, please banrappa theater-ge!

The best takeaway for me is that it makes you think & visualize about the movie even after it has ended, through my journey back home and at home, making me write a movie review after ages to tell please banrappa theater-ge!

Sadaa ugiyo critics’ bhesh andidhaithu, hogoloru manaspoorvakavaagi mecchidhu aytu – innu prekshakare nimma saradi – please banrappa theater-ge!