9 Jan 2020

Prema >>> Dwesha

I was in 8th std when the Kannada movie 'A' released. Someone told me that this is Upendra’s story from his real life, and the actress in question was Prema. Out of nowhere I started to hate Prema, not that I liked her prior to this piece of information; but I didn’t at least hate her too. I used to find her annoying when she sang “nenapugaLa maathu Madhura” and for me the movie “Chandramukhi Premasakhi” never worked coz Prema won over Bhavana. I have laughed when her movie Z tanked in box office. All of this because I adored Upendra and his style of movie making!!! 

Why am I writing all of this now, you may ask; few days back it was her birthday and all of these memories came rushing by. Today, while I cringe over fan boys trolling Rashmika’s professional life coz she made a personal choice, I think it is my responsibility to be apologetic towards my naive behaviour towards Prema back then. 

Because it is never too late to realise our mistakes and it is certainly not late to accept the same. This is for you Prema, a sorry from me!