3 May 2020

ಹಳೇ Paper

This is a paper bag that the local angDi gave eggs in. What’s so special you May ask? It’s just a paper bag that will be discarded. Yes, it is! But do you see what’s written on it? It has been made from someone’s maths work. Back in childhood days, my fav activity was to read such paper bags, what they wrote, how they wrote, were they loving the subject or did they hate the home-work. 

I once had found a note in one of the English rough saying “nam miss bad-u”; wonder what his/her ma'am had done to receive hate! The handwriting most probably was the reason the English ma'am gave fewer marks. 

It was not just the paper bags I received, but I also used to wonder about the stuff that I gave away to the radhi-wala. Would my worksheets be part of someone's pakoDa, or would they be wrapped around 100gms of dhaniya; I'd never know! 

After 38 days of lockdown, we all begin our day-to-day lives from tomorrow. I hope and pray, all the clutter, the junk has gone away and what we now have ahead of us is either making using of the clutter productively or beginning a whole new life.