18 Mar 2023


None of the pencils I used in school went down half their size. By the time they reached 50% my mom would throw them or give them away, saying “pencil ಚಿಕ್ಕದಾಯಿತು

Little did I know that the size of the pencil was also what showed economic status. I thought small pencil would spoil the handwriting until one day my mom declared “ಎಲ್ಲರೂ ಗತಿ ಇಲ್ಲ ಅಂದ್ಕೊತಾರೆ”. I was too young to counter this, nor did I understand the nuances of ‘economics’ :)

Cut to today, my kids were sharpening their pencils & I found couple of pencils that where 10% of its original size. I appreciated the fact that they used the pencil till the end, without losing them and that showed how responsible they are with their belongings. They were happy :) 

You are as an individual how you were in your childhood; most of the times. But you can choose to unlearn/learn based on your current eco-system & exposure to the world. The choice is always YOURS! 

17 Mar 2023

What Is Your Differentiator?

She was jealous. Of his texture. His rigidity. His ability to blend. As local as she was, she could never become like him. Forget getting closer even. He could gel with everyone on the table, she couldn’t. She just couldn’t.

It’s not like she hadn’t tried. But no-one liked the change in her. They liked her as she is. Local. She tried blending in and became a mess. & no one likes mess. 

But then there was one thing that was her differentiator. She could be sweet. He could never walk the sweeter road. Ever. 

With that, shavige/semiya decided she’d won over him. The Noodles. He could blend in with Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese,Thai, Continental and what not. But he could never become a kheer ❤️ 

P.S. The inspiration for this post is from my kitchen’s shavige uppiT for breakfast today

14 Mar 2023

37 years of "no" self-love.

37 years of "no" self-love. 

March 30th. Exams are over. So no birthdays at school. No colour dress, none fighting over who will be my 'best-friends on my birthday'. 

Back home, my father didn't believe in birthday-cake cutting. So no cake-bisibelebath-chips parties also. Sometimes no-one even wished. 

Imagine how much of a trauma it is for an 'attention' lover that I am. Che!!! I'd once told all my friends that my parents didn't know my birthday hence they didn't celebrate it like "normal" kids did. #WipesTears 

Maybe that is why I have been persistent, (read idiotic) about birthday presents. Sometimes I plug in hints to my friends, sometimes I say it out loud, most of the time I create wish list also. The joy of receiving gifts is the favourite part of my birthday. I look forward to it. Big small huge, surprises make me jump in joy. 

The last time someone took that effort without me having to cajole them was my ex. 20 Gifts for my 20th Birthday. Oh he’d gotten it all right, so cute. That was also the first time I CUT CAKE. (Insert shocking dramatic music) YES that's right, I cut a birthday cake when I was 20! Anyhooo...

Many birthday, many celebrations, many craziness later cut to today
 while picking a gift for someone else (it is not even an occasion) I am 37 and will turn 38 this year (no worries in telling age plus I look younger so that's OK)  I realised that I have been doing this birthday gifts all WRONG. I am still trying to give hints, send links saying "hey look so cute no?". I think I am done with this. Time to grow up, unlearn and embrace the fact that I can myself pick what i want, I can myself choose what I like and I don't think 'who gave what' shouldn't matter. 

It's time for some self love. No more expectations. No more anticipations. No more looking forward to 'someone' making me feel good. I can and I will do it' for myself. 


P.S: This is not one of the ways to make you guys buy gifts, I promise!