5 Jan 2009

Has it ever happened to you?

That you have everything that you asked for but still there is that hollow feeling within haunting you, day in day out.

That no matter how much you have been hurt by someone you still long for that person’s presence.

That existing life which you love, needs to be changed because all the people around want you to.

That many people are trying to boss over you telling that they don’t like stuff that way and this way, not even wanting to know what you want it to be like.

That no matter what people never even feel like asking you for opinions when it involves you, but decisions are just thrown at you and you have to live with it.

That everything around you seems to be fading away from you even when you’re trying to hold it tight, real tight.

That all the happenings are making the always chirpy you choose the silent mode.

So many events make you want to stop “Time”!

Has it happened to you?


Pradeep Nair said...

U bet Kavya... I have felt the same. I spent lots of time with my friend, but at the end I feel I haven't had enough, a feeling of loneliness.

sometimes i feel i have nothing when actually i have quite a lot. and opposite too. I feel I have quite a lot, a feeling of contentment when actually I am looking for a lot of thing..

Guess it happens to all, but we don't realise..?