25 Mar 2014

Letter Five

Dearest Kanva & Kshema,

Sigh. I am writing this with a heavy heart. I separated you both for good, is what I thought. Two days back when you both met after 3 weeks, the spark in your eyes, makes me want to ask sorry.

This is all Amma could do. You are safe with your grannies and that makes me feel very safe too. 

When with Missy I miss you beta Shelly and when with Shelly I want to see you Missy. If only there was a solution babies. If only. I promise to travel 30kms daily to be with both of you for whatever small time possible.

Ultimately Shelly is growing up watching star plus and Missy watching eTV. All in all its saas bahu athe sose dramas. Till you start chota bheem and yada yada cartoons enjoy the bakwaas.

This is my favorite pic of you both of late. Loads to learn from you two. I promise to learn fast.

Loads of love,


h4cker said...

Aww.. very cute :)