25 Feb 2009

Its Rainings Dogs, Uh Ha Oscars...

9 thousand, oops 9 lakhs, errr 9 whatever Indian problems = 9 Academy Oscars!
So apparently Americans got entertained viewing the movie and documentary about kids, slum, violence and everything about Indian tribulations.

Anyways, who cares; it’s OSCARS;

Jai Ho!!!


Anonymous said...

i think its 8 that SM won...it was nominated for 9..2 nominees in the same category..so it could only win 8..


Kaavya said...

I have included “smile Pinki” also so its 9
That’s why told about the documentary

Vishwas Krishna said...

Just one doubt! What does the label "81" indicate?

Kaavya said...

@Vishwas: Good Question... It can be 8+1 oscars and also 81st Oscars :)

Vishwas Krishna said...

Got it! 81st Oscars suits better. :)