16 Nov 2009

It happens only in India: Blocking the ghost seat.

Thanks to the astrologers in India for hyping the world coming to an end in 2012; the movie certainly has taken profits. I and hubby managed to get two tickets after informing the owner of Sterling cinema hall 2 days back for the 5:15pm show for 2012 yesterday.

At the theatre campus we saw uncles, aunties, grandpas who could barely walk, tit-tots, the curious non-English crowd invade the theatre. Some wanted to know how the trauma would strike us in future, & others wanted to know where to go just to be safe.

I am sure all know about the proportionality theorems for the theatres; for the "NO" as an answer crowd its "a crowded theatre is directly proportional to the selling of the block tickets for extra cash". It would also mean that the seats would be numbered which otherwise never happens in Mysore (in case you did not know Mysore is not a cosmopolitan city and it is, I repeat definitely NOT Bangalore).

So we were in H32 and H33; which is the extreme left hand corner of the hall. Two guys sat in front of us on I32 and I33; there came another couple with tickets numbered I32 and I33 hence the guys got up and let them have the seats. The whole drama started when the guys showed their tickets to the guy with the torch which read I34 and I35. 33 was the last seat and there was no 34 & 35. The illegal guy had sold them those tickets for 250 bucks :- )

The shouting, yelling started, of course I heard the entire fight without beeps. Theatre authority said that they haven’t issued them and the handwriting wasn’t theirs. Person who gave them the ticket had fled the scene. The movie started and these guys did not stop. Finally they were provided two chairs next to I33.

A ticket is sold illegally for a higher rate, people buy it, the sold seat never exists, offenders haul and shout not even caring about the poor souls who are watching the movie, the theatre guys provide plastic chairs & damn it happens only in India!!!