11 Mar 2010


Motherhood and Parenthood are two unlike provisos. It’s true that a child looks up to the mother foremost; she is the one who draws the outline and boundaries. But the pooled endeavor makes the picture come bright and neat without adding much smudging.

When a couple says they are not ready for the kid yet, it’s not just about “physical” and “financial” responsibility of the toddler. Parents are the first role models for the child, & hence it requires them to strive for perfection. With they being around one cannot take things for granted, every word spoken, every move made will be facsimiled. One has to stop the ‘spur-of-the-moment’ traits and add a lot of maturity to one’s life. They wouldn’t know what is right and what’s not; if you litter around, they do the same, you swear someone, and they obediently follow.

Molding has to be precise and it has to be at the tender age. Of late I have witnessed few scenes that horrified me to a very large extent. Let alone teaching, a few have gone way forward in using them; “misuse” would be appropriate.

It’s red and it has to be blood

A mother comes running to the pediatrician gasping for breath.

“My child was bleeding and it has just stopped” she informs pointing towards the little hand.

The doctor examines the kiddo, checks his hand, finds no indication of wounds or cuts, temperature is normal. He tells the lady that the kid is all right but next time if it bleeds, he asks her to collect the sample.

She comes back the same evening with a small box containing fluid.

“Here doctor. I have collected the blood for you” hands it to the doctor.

The content is very thick and smells weird. Still the doctor sends it to the lab and the results turn out that it’s not at all blood.

When she came to visit the doc again, his yelled at her for faking sample. She denied and was not ready to accept the mistake. I will prove it, she said and left.

She again bought the child bleeding from his nose; she had hit the kid so that he bled.

Shocked the doctor finds the file of the child and gives a call to the dad. Apparently it comes to light that the mother caught in a financial crisis, was creating this problem to send away the money lenders. She was buying time.

She is serious and that’s it

“Doctor, you have to check my angel. She is running high temperature” a woman came to the clinic.

The doctor examined and it was just mild fever. Rest was fine; he prescribed few medicines and asks her to take home.

“You have to admit her. She is serious. I will call her father to come immediately” she ordered.

The doctor thought that the mother might be relived with the admission and did the same.

The father was called; the kid was admitted and discharged after 12 hrs.

Few days from then, the lady pops up again with the same scenario.

“Please admit” she begs.

The doctor smells something fishy here. When insisted, the father confronts that he has another spouse. Whenever he plans to visit her, the mother shams the ‘serious’ episode to avoid him.

Make sure you get some basic right before venturing out into the action zone; it’s not just about reproduction.

Kids are innocent; with your efforts help them remain!!!