7 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 3: Chinna Chinna

Probably 1st time in the whole of my married life I stayed at home while Pati toiled at work. I slept, ate, browsed, went for a walk, got tun with caffeine and waited. The man was supposed to take me out for his friend's wedding that he cancelled (thank god before I wrapped Saree) amele called & asked to finish dinner.

Now he calls and says they've ordered pizza, he'll come by 12ish so I should sleep. Oh also we had to cancel off the tickets we booked for Chalo Dilli coz he Chaloed Office. Such a chinna my Pati is, that I dont need to buy something for Akshaya Truthiya, except that I got one. Pics tomo, I am so lazed out that this blog is coming from cell phone and not lappie.

Good Night guys, I am off to catch a movie on TV, while I wait like TBN for my husband to return home.