24 Feb 2010

Game: Chills and Thrills


It’s a big company. Close to 4 digit people. The game is on. Sachin is taking the bowlers for a toss. He reaches his career best. Also goes past it. Nearing the world’s highest till date. Dhoni gets the strike. Hits 6s and 4s and doesn’t give the strike.

Location: The Lobby

Around 80 men and 2 gals, watching the big screen with lots of screams!
1 belle being the receptionist; the other?

Yours truly!!!

That’s when you realize that cricket is not famous among the feminine sector.

Heck who cares?

Strike still with Dhoni. Last ball of the last but one over and he takes a single. Shits and Aarghsss continue.

Finally all are delighted to see the “*” next to “The Man’s Name”

200 scored, the crowd roared.

Such thrills life offers.

We are blessed I tell you. Totally Blessed.

Sachin Tussi great ho and rest of you reading this can do the “taufa kubool karo” act.


rupesh said...

full tp na

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