1 Dec 2010


My right eye revolted yesterday and got swollen. May be I winked at too many people? Anyways that gave a reason to take off yesterday. Pati too wasn’t well, running nose and all, too decided to stay back. Once the calls were made to respective offices, we started feeling better.

& the theatres got us calling. We headed for Bisile as that was the only decent flick in the hall past 2 weeks. Diganth has done well for himself, even outside Bhatru’s camp; plays an arrogant towards studies and falling in love with heroine and getting lost and helping her get back to city and in between delivering some great one liners. Few scenes are outdated like the “Palat” heroine probably because the film was canned for quite sometime now.

Someone should really teach Jennifer Kotwal how to walk, let aside acting. She still jumps the way she did “chikubuku Railu” flashing her hair and putting it aside; oh also she looks very old alongside doodhpeda. Sandeep Gowda, the debutant director has done quite decent work with the dumb script he had. He has used the light very well and you also get to see the lovely greenery of the “Bisile Ghat”. The songs are neither fresh nor catchy except for the patho version of “Kaanadhe Ninnannu Chandira”. Screenplay is the highlight, if not for it, the movie would have returned back to the cans after 1 week.

Go for it if you are too much drenched of the “Male” (rains I mean) and because there are no other choices till Dec 3rd. The man is back to add some “Salt” to the only-masala-sandalwood. Go Uppi Go