5 Apr 2011

April 2nd 2011

It is almost 3 days but the “Blue” hangover doesn’t seem to decrease at all. Now I know why mom kept telling repeating about them listening to the radio about the WC win 1983 on their 1st night.

Thanks to the 2011 team she will have better story to tell her grandkids; that we booked a hall in Fortune JP Palace, ordered awesome lunch & dinner, threw some beer and whiskey along, had a drums guy banging along with flags, T-shirts and a really big screen. Oh the crowd, lovely cric enthu people and yes the first citizen of Mysore, Mayor was along too.  Every wicket, the maidens, the dots and the lovely dives were cheered with drum rolls. Even the SL mis-fields were included in the celebrations and not to miss the fours out of Sachin and very few sixes out of Dhoni. When it was 31-2, the singles were enjoyed just like the runs that came over the boundary. & that last six off Dhoni, the atmosphere just maddened. To mark the occasion, Pati did some dabbanguchi dance & *ahem* gulped some chilled B*** too; of course no I did not mind at all.

  • The toss – Sanga, I know that you called the toss owing to Hanuman’s “tail” that destroyed entire Lanka & we all heard it. Too bad you agreed to re-do it when you knew what you had called. Guilt, my dear friend will kill you for the rest of your life.

  • Ravi Shashtri – stop shouting. Please

  • Russel Arnold – When you are on the pitch along with your colleague – a) Plug the MIC properly to your ear b) close mouth when someone else is talking and finally c) face the camera & not your colleague, when he is doing the talks.

  • Sidhu – My dear friend, we all love you. Very much.

  • Harsha – Repeat the tie that you wore on March 30th to every Indian match. I say, one must make that as “official Tie for all Indian matches”. Oh & congrats on the hair weaving thing.

  • MMS – thanks for clapping, was great to know that you are still alive especially when Gilani was seated next to you.

  • Sonia G – They say the “being common” is a political tactics, but your happiness when Misbah fell and the celebrations on the car looked very genuine to me. Welcome to the Indian family, dear Italian lady.

  • Celebs at the stands – Just have a look at Ghajini’s wife, your make-up should be that subtle or rather no make-up at all. Ooops may be that’ll scare the players, subtle is just fine especially new-bride-of-Tharoor (what were you thinking)

  • Kapil: We still love you and respect you sir. Kindly, Do not cry.

  • Sanga – Being the good boy you have spoken the sugar blended words. I am sure, you like *someone whom I don’t even want to take name* will go home and start talking crap about us. Shame on you, really.

  • Mahela – Great knock and Great wife (with the goggs that is)

  • Murali – Mahi knows your doosra. Period.

  • Dilshan – Stick to the culture man. Pin the pallu & don’t let it fall.

  • Malinga – Dude, you have got a great bowling attack, there is not need to distract the batsmen with that hair (is it really) & the blonde color. Boo Hoo, your “sachin-is-gone-so-rest-will-go-home” doesn’t work these days, which was 10 years back baby.

  • Sreesanth – just one word for you – Haircut. If not try the comb at least. Better still take some tips from Malinga for the distracting act & remember what your captain said to you, irritate the opponents & not players from your own time Bozo.

  • Zak – In you we all trust, now and from May 8th as well. Retain the same form for RCB too.

  • Sehwag – watch when you bat (0 on WC final?), watch when you talk (1 year before we decided about winning WC, huh?), think before taking a review (ask your partner at the other end at least) & stop having kids (we are 1.2 billion already)

  • Bhajji – They made the song “de Gumaake” after that tamasha you gave our Sree. Perhaps that song had added so much value to the win. Thanks, we don’t mind if you re-do that again. It is much better than the hugging everyone.

  • Raina – It wouldn’t have been possible without you; tu uss din Pointing ko na ghar bhejtha. Bas Aise hi Khelthe “Raina”

  • GG/Gauti – I see a Dravid in you except for that aggression. I had decided that there will be no heroes for me after the wall, but I have made changes. Just one small thing look when you run.

  • Kohli – The Cub with some great words. Bang on.

  • Yuvvi: Bad Boy turned good; I see that God is the reason behind that. Let the God bless you always.



“Feeling the Blues and it never felt any better” & yes, I did have tears while I wrote this post.