19 Aug 2011


Location: Presidency Golf Club, Mumbai

I woke up with a massive headache. People who are in virtual sites these days give nothing but headaches, yeah so the head was reeling. Pati was still sleeping like a log, so I being Typical Bharatiya Naari and all decided not wake him up.

I promptly picked up the intercom and called kitchen. It was 8am and yet none picked up. What fools they must have been. With so much efforts I got off bed and took these real dragging steps to reach the door (it was just a try to wake Pati up, he never bulged), I went to the reception and have a look at this conversation.


Me (rubbing eyes): Errrr Tea?

Some idiot at the reception: Madam, are you offering tea to me?

Me: K


How can someone be that cheesy?