28 Nov 2011

Film: Saarathi

This movie happened a while ago, writing is a little late. With apologies let’s start, the only reason I went to this movie was to pass time. & that for a long time (after Paramaathma mishap) not even one good movie was watched. Post Darshan episode, whenever I see him talking about women, respecting them in his movies, there is a weird feeling. That he is faking it, & “his acting is very natural” image is tarnished.

Darshan is riding autos, returning packages that were forgotten, fighting villains who break glass having ShankarNag’s photo, making police realize the amount of halkaness in them & having nightmares about killing his father. Meanwhile heroine is met, songs are sung, love starts & on the day of proclaiming, she is taken away by her sodharamaava to their heritage villa ayyo village.

Hero reaches village in search of heroine, a typical *who fights this goon gets the girl setup* & hero obviously wins it. After much ado, it is realized that hero is son of that village soil, who was misquoted of killing his father by his own chikappa whose son is going to marry heroine & heroine was already hero’s wife with parents exchanging vows when they were playing kunTabille. (anna ivLe nin sose)

Fights, fights & more fights. The reality is known to villagers who will kill chikappa & his son. Hero & heroine marry.

Full marks to Dinakar was an awesome swamake story (al though parts of it have been flipped from Telagu movies), neat direction (I hardly found any flaws), Darshan best in stunts & amazing dialogue delivery, Deepa – no comments (kindly stop taking her into your movies), whoever did the sets – great work, music hummable.

Any day better than Paramaathma


ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

Super review ri.. Enjoyed the review more than movie.. :-)