5 Nov 2019

Thinking out of the (Idiot) Box

Should we cater to the audience on what they want and play it safe, or provide them a newer thought and take that risk - a thought every content creator fathoms about. It could be a feature movie, or a TV serial or even a web-series, the scepticism never ceases to exist. 

We internally discuss a lot of TV fiction shows but I seldom write about them; recently I’ve been hearing so much on a newly launched Kannada fiction show that has Anirudh (Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s son-in-law) as the main lead which was easily why I followed the TRP of the show. Anirudh used to act in movies, he tried his stint in reality shows and what not, unfortunately till date nothing has worked for him. But the show opened up with an amazing and is continuing the same craze even after three weeks now, I am sure Anirudh and the entire household will be happy. The plot line showcases a widower who is in his late 40s marrying a young girl in her 20s. 

During the same time period there was another launch in another TV channel, where the plot line is about a young boy in his mid-20s falling in love with a widow in her late 20s and they getting married starring Meghashree of Bigg Boss 6 fame. It also has the protagonist looking after her parents and her in-laws post trauma. Forget about the TRP, I am not sure you haven’t heard the name of the fiction show too!

Barring the making of these shows, the richness of the sets, the artists and everything apart from the plot line which could be the reason of the popularity let us just do look at how the concepts are consumed. While the majority of the consumers are the women for these fiction shows, consider how the concept of a widow re-marrying doesn’t even fit the regular bill yet, nor welcoming and how a widower marrying a girl who is half of his age is still welcome. 

I wouldn’t want to discuss the concept of feminism and its penetration to the orthodox households yet, but as a society will the revolution ever happen? Will fiction shows be of any help in installing a small spark in the households about a girl, who has lost her husband at a very young age still can think of her life beyond the previous marriage? 

Your Thoughts?